Does AIM emails still work, how do I log into my AIM email? Many users are actually feeling frustrated based on the fact that AIM Mail is no longer active. On the contrary, AIM mail is no longer working due to the fact that the email service made an announcement that it’s disconnecting from the list of email service providers. The email service provider was shut down on December 17, 2017, declaring that users will no longer be able to login to the service.

In the meantime, the exciting aspect is that the email service has been acquired by AOL Mail. Therefore, any form of access with the web address directs you to the new AOL Mail. In other words, AOL Mail is one of the top email service providers which is designed as a free web-based email provider. The development of the AOL Mail provides convenient email management where you can organize and access all your email all in one platform through the use of the AOL Mail mobile app. 

How to Login to Your AIM Mail Account

The day the email service provider announces the disconnection of its email service. It presented its users with short video bidding users a farewell to the service. Therefore, the mean in which you can log in to the AIM Mail is through the AOL service. With the following steps:

  • Go to the AIM Mail login page which redirects you to the AOL official page.
  • Then click the Login icon at the top of the page.
  • Afterward, enter your email address and click Next.
  • Then enter your account password and click Login.

However, in case you try out the following procedure and weren’t able to access your account. That means you need to forget about the account and find a new email service provider just like the AOL Mail you’re directed to log in to your account.

Alternative Email Service Provider to Join

On the contrary, I don’t have an AIM Mail account so I actually don’t know if you’re able to access your account. In case you aren’t able to access your AIM Mail account. These are some of the email service providers you can try out:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Outlook Mail
  • ProtonMail
  • AOL Mail.

However, you can access the respective email website to create an account. In addition, once you have created a new email address, you can then contact the colleague of your new email address. Also, you can change your email address in which you use to create an account on various social media.

Can you Still Download AIM Mail App?

On the contrary, there are many people still looking for how to download the AIM Mail app. Just like I mentioned earlier, the AIM Mail is no more likewise the AIM Mail mobile app. Hence, based on the fact that AIM Mail is now AOL Mail. For that reason, you can download the AOL Mail app on your device.

To download the AOL Mail app:

  • With your internet-connected device, you can open the mobile app store.
  • Then, search for the application using the search bar and click enter.
  • Afterward, you can click Install or Get.

However, the following step is compatible with Android and IOS devices. In conclusion, after installing the application, you can sign in your AIM account or create a new AOL email account through the mobile app.