Is the AOL Mail shut down or can I still login to my AOL Mail email account? As a matter of fact, AOL Mail or AOL email is among the top 10 best email services providers in the world. It’s a free web-based email service provided that allows you to create an AOL email account. In which you can use to connect with information from anywhere around the world. However, the AOL Mail login is an authentication process that allows you to check your AOL inbox or messages on the website.

AOL Mail Login - How To Login To AOL Mail | AOL Email Login

Furthermore, AOL Mail was one of the world’s largest email providers in 1997 having more than 9 million subscribers. Basically, the number of people that create an AOL Mail account. In the same year, AOL introduces the NetMail which apparently is also a web-based version of the AOL email service. But that fact was that not many people were fond of the email server, based on it only work on Internet Explorer. In the meantime, in July 2012, AOL Mail reaches over 24 million users and in 2015, the AOL was acquired by Verizon. Therefore, announcing the discontinue from its in-house email services and migrating all AOL subscribers to the AOL Mail.

Is the AOL Mail Still Around | Steps to AOL Mail Login?

On the contrary, the AOL Mail is still fully active on the internet. Hence, all users on the old email service have been migrated to the AOL Mail. However, you can use the same email address and account password to login or sign in on the AOL mail login site.

To Sign in AOL Mail Email Account:

  1. Go to the AOL Mail login site on your web browser.
  2. Simply, use the link to directly access the AOL Mail login site.
  3. Then, on the AOL sign in page, you can enter your email address and click Next.
  4. Afterward, enter your AOL Mail email account password and click Sign in.

To Sign in on AOL Mail App:

  1. Download and Install the AOL Mail app on your mobile phone.
  2. Then, open the AOL mobile app to sign in your email account.
  3. Use your email address or username and password to sign in your AOL account.
  4. Lastly, click Sign in.

That’s how you can sign in or login to your AOL email account to check your messages or inbox, organize the folder and more. However, I hope the following instruction of the AOL email login or AOL Verizon mail sign in actually clear you doubt if the AOL Mail is still around.

Can’t Sign In to my AOL Mail Account:

In the meantime, during the process of signing in to your AOL email account. You might receive a message on the AOL Mail login page or screen saying “Sorry, we don’t recognize this email”. Based on AOL Version, if an AOL Mail email account isn’t active for 90 days. The accounts will be deactivated from the AOL Mail webmail server. At that point, you can activate your email account by logging in back your account. But after 180 days, you still haven’t sign in your account, the account will be deleted.

In addition, if you forget your AOL email login password or email address. Without through the step on how to recover your AOL Mail account password. Simply, go to your web browser if you usually use to signing your email account, and click Settings. Then, you can click on Password and search for AOL, you can click the eye icon to view your password. In summary, the following step is how you can login to your AOL account in the USA, UK and other parts of the country.