Is Yahoo Mail and ATT Email actually the same thing or how can I create or access my ATT Yahoo Mail account? On the contrary, ATT was a subsidiary of the ATT Mail. Right now, access to your ATT email address will no longer be accessible on the Yahoo account. Usually, Yahoo and AT&T have a close contract where users on the ATT email service can access their email account directly on Yahoo Mail. But aside from the break down of the contract, the AT&T homepage is still similar to the Yahoo! Homepage.

ATT Yahoo Mail - How do I Get my ATT Net Email | ATT Yahoo Login

Furthermore, based on the announcement made by the platform on the connection from both platforms. To create an AT&T Yahoo Mail email account or create a new Yahoo email account will be done on the respective platform. Meaning that if you want to create a Yahoo new account, you can go to the Yahoo Mail official website. While, if you want to create an ATT Email account, you will go directly to the AT&T Mail or Email website to set up your email account.

How to Create an ATT Email Account | ATT Yahoo Mail Login

Just like I mentioned earlier, the partnership between Yahoo and AT&T is actually over and this has actually made AT&T users confuses. Right now, to create an ATT Yahoo Mail email account, you can use the AT&T official mail website.

To create ATT Yahoo Mail email Account:

  1. Go to the ATT official website and click Sign in.
  2. Then, click Create AT&T Account in other to create a free email account.
  3. Afterward, enter your Wireless Number or Phone number and ZIP Code to create a free email account.
  4. Follow the instruction to create your account and verify your email account as well.

To login ATT Yahoo Email:

  1. Use the click above to sign in or login to your ATT Yahoo email account.
  2. Enter your ATT email address or User ID.
  3. Then, enter your password and click Sign In.

However, during the process of creating your ATT Yahoo Mail or email account. You will find out that, the platform is still connected to Yahoo! Yes, the disconnection of the AT&T from Yahoo is based on the email service provider. As you can see it stall have the same homepage just like Yahoo!.

How to Change Yahoo Access for AT&T Yahoo Email Account Users

Based on the announcement Yahoo website won’t be linked to Therefore, access to various Yahoo services or websites using the ATT mail email address won’t be accessible anymore. Therefore, affected email users should update his/her email address to another different domain.

To change the email address to a suitable Oath:

  1. On the web browser, you can click on the Setting, under the account menu.
  2. Then, to change or right of your email address, you can click on the pencil icon.
  3. Afterward, you can update your email address and confirm the update using your password.

That’s all you need to change your Yahoo access from which you make use of the ATT email address to access the Yahoo website or other Yahoo services. Also, keep in mind, ATT Yahoo Mail doesn’t have an app where you can access and organize all your ATT Yahoo emails.