How can I log in to AWS Educate or perhaps how can I join the AWS Educate? On the contrary, as we all know, Amazon is actually into different kinds of services. The AWS which is known as Amazon Web Services provides members with on-demand-cloud computer services and also APIs to different categories of business and individuals. However, AWS Educate is actually one of the services offered by Amazon Web Services. The login procedures allow you to gain access to the AWS Educate program.  

AWS Educate Login - Step on AWS Educate Account Login | AWS Educate

Furthermore, the Aws Educate login is the process where members who joined the AWS Educate course training gain authentication in using the services by provides the AWS account login credential. However, the AWS Educate is a training course program that teaches members of the platform in cloud-computing, collaboration tools and lots more. By signing or joining the hundreds of thousands of AWS Students and over 10000 AWS Educators. Thereby, offers you more than 2,400 institution courses for cloud-related learning and more.  

How to Login to Aws Educate Account  

Like I mentioned during the elaboration of the AWS educate login, only members who have gone through the AWS Educator sign up successfully can use the identification provided to sign in their AWS Educate account. Whether you’re an AWS Student or AWS Educator, you can simply follow the step to sign in your account.  

Step to AWS Student login:  

  1. Go to with a mobile phone or PC.  
  2. Then on the middle of the page, click Login to AWS Educate:  
  3. This will open a new tab that directs you to the AWS Educate login portal.  
  4. Then, enter your email address and password.  
  5. Lastly, click the “Sign in” icon.  

Step to AWS Educator Login:  

  1. As an AWS Educator, you can also click the link.  
  2. Then, click the option ‘Login to AWS Educate”.  
  3. Enter your AWS Educator email address and password.  
  4. Finally, click Sign In.  

In addition, if you encounter an issue during the sign in, you can quickly click Forgot Password. Then, provide your email address to receive a verification code. This will enable you to reset or create a new password to access your account.  

How to Sign up for AWS Educator or AWS Student  

In general, signing up for the AWS Educate provides you with two options either you want to become an AWS Educator or an AWS Student. Above all, AWS Educate provides members with an academic gateway. In other to develop knowledge of the next generation of IT and also for cloud professionals.  

To join AWS Educate: 

  • Go to  
  • Also, in the middle of the page, you can click Join AWS Educate.  
  • Afterward, you can select your role in the following options provided.  
  • Let take students, for example, you can click on Student.  
  • Fill out the information about yourself, click the checkbox “I’m not a robot” and click Next.  

Above all, you can fill out the next stage to finally join the platform. However, you can also apply the same application in joining the AWS student to also join other roles like Educator, US Veteran, Company/Recruiter, and Institution.