What is the required minimum balance to open a Citibank savings account or how do I open a Citibank savings account? Learn the simple procedure for Citibank savings account opening. In the meantime, Citibank which is a division of financial service multinational Citigroup is one of the top banking services in the United States. Citibank is located in 9 countries having 2.649 branches which include 723 branches in the United States. People who want to open a Citibank savings account can visit the respective bank to open an account or through the online procedure.

Citibank Savings Account - How to Open a Citi bank Account Online

Furthermore, it interesting to bank with Citibank because it offers you amazing interest rates. Likewise, an easy way to personalize your savings experience. Opening a Citi savings accounts gives you personalized experiences of your day-to-day transactions. This enables you to set up an automatic transfer and also gives you the opportunity you earn interest on your savings. One of the benefits of the Citibank savings account includes earning the Citi ThankYou Rewards when you connect your savings account with an eligible checking account. Aside from that, there are other benefits you also earn while savings with Citi Bank.

Benefits of Citibank Savings Accounts

The Citibank Savings account is high-yield savings accounts that offer you a high-interest rate than ordinary traditional savings accounts. Another interesting aspect of Citi Savings accounts is that it offers you a simplify savings tools that enable you to easily access and manage your Citi Savings account. Other benefits of saving with Citi includes:

  • Saving with Citibank comes with no minimum deposit to open an account.
  • It also offers you an easy way in which you can make transfers of money between Citi and non-Citi accounts.
  • Also, the Citibank savings account provides a suitable and easy way of mobile check deposit.
  • You can manage and control your account by setting up balance and deposit alerts to monitor your account.

Above all, Citi Savings comes you high-interest rates which vary as your balance grows and also on your package. Likewise, you can make automatic transfers making use of the AutoSave icon and most importantly built with FDIC insurance security.

How to Open a Citi Bank Savings Account

Opening a Citi Bank Savings account is simple, but this depends on the banking package that determines your applicable rate, balance requirements, benefits, etc. In other words, when you open a Citi Savings Account, this eventually opens a part of the Citi banking package. This includes Citigold, Citi Priority, The Citibank Account, Basic Banking, and Access Account. To open a bank account with Citi:

  • Go to the Citibank Savings Account Opening page.
  • Then, click Apply Now.
  • Under the option “Select type of account”, keep it as Checking & Savings.
  • Scroll down to see the various banking package that suits your preference.
  • Click Get Started or Apply Now.

In most application process, like Citigold Private Client Package, you will be provided with phone number to call the Citibank customer services for information on the application. Others, you can apply online by following the instructions need to open your account.