How do I apply for employment insurance? What does employment insurance mean? Most people are unfamiliar with the term “EI”. In this article, you can learn more about the EI benefits, and also how to apply for EI. There are two types of insurance benefit issue by the government which includes unemployment insurance and employment insurance. How the unemployment insurance work, as to do with people that are unemployed due to one situation or the other can apply for an insurance benefit.

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Furthermore, Employment Insurance as to do with people that are employed. But still have the opportunity or the benefits of applying for Employment Insurance benefits. Some of the series of articles on the page under unemployment benefits. This includes MN Unemployment, Florida Unemployment, and Kentucky Unemployment benefits. You can learn more by visiting the following page to learn more about the application to the following unemployment insurance benefits.

What is Employment Insurance (EI)?

Employment Insurance (EI) is a dedicated program that offers insurance benefits or income supports to workers that are unemployed and still on the verge of looking for jobs or upgrading their skill. This seems to be similar to the unemployment benefits. The Canada Employment Insurance (EI) provides certain insurance benefits to workers that stop working. Due to events like illness, pregnancy, caring for a newborn, and more. While unemployment insurance benefits offer special benefits to workers that stop working due to the fact that they were sacked from work.

Furthermore, workers that are qualified to receive EI benefits to do with workers that have a paid premium for over a year. Likewise, they must meet the requirement for the EI application. Also, self-employed workers known as the self-employment insurance can take part in the qualification of the EI and also receive special benefits. The Canada Employment Insurance Commission acts as an important role in ensuring the EI program is widely spread across eligible members. However, there are different series of EI benefits one can enjoy.

Employment Insurance Regular Benefits

On the contrary, Employment Insurance (EI) regular benefits offer regular benefits to workers laid off due to one issue or the others that weren’t their fault. Like a shortage of workers due to this pandemic, and lots. It essential that you apply for EI benefits immediately if you laid off from work. Plus, EI application is possible even without receiving a Record of Employment. To apply for EI regular benefits, you need to contact the My Services Canada Account.

EI Benefits for Self-employed 

Also one of the EI benefits programs that design for self-employed workers. This refers to or identified as small business Employment Insurance. For those that own a small business or that you control a little share of your corporation. This provides you with eligibility for the special benefits. Keep in mind, fisher, barber, drivers can’t apply for the Self Employment Insurance. Apply for EI benefits as an employee if your profession falls under the above categories. Simply visit the EI Benefits for Self-employed page to learn more about the special benefits and also how to apply for the Employment Insurance Canada.