Facebook Dating Secret Crush – Is Facebook Dating Free | Dating on Facebook Dating App is Free Now

Does Facebook has a dating app or how can I install the Facebook dating app? Everyone wants to know if the Facebook dating app is available. First of all, certain dating services are dedicated to mobile app and websites. Some come in both forms that include a free dating app and a site to stay connected at always. However, this is different from Facebook dating, based on the fact that Facebook dating does not come as a standalone app or a website where you can connect with singles anywhere.

Facebook Dating Secret Crush - Is Facebook Dating Free | Dating on Facebook Dating App is Free Now

Furthermore, the Facebook dating app is accessible via the Facebook app. The Facebook dating app download comes by updating your Facebook app. During the release of the Facebook dating app, the platform didn’t introduce or launch a separate app for meeting single people. Likewise, introducing a dedicated website where you can sign up for online dating services. Instead, act as a feature on the Facebook app that requires an update before you can use the dating service. Learn how to access the Facebook Dating app.

How to Get Facebook Dating App | Facebook Dating Secret Crush

On the contrary, Facebook dating is currently unavailable as a separate app or on the website. It’s actually rolled out to users on Android and iOS devices within the age of 18+ and above. However, to download the Facebook app or to get a Facebook dating app, you need to update the Facebook app.

  • Go to the Google Play Store or iOS app store.
  • Then, click on the menu and select My apps & games or Today,
  • Click on Update beside the Facebook app.

Keep in mind, if your app isn’t updated yet, you’ll see it as a pending update. But if the app is already updated and you still haven’t been able to it actually means that, the Facebook dating app download isn’t available in your country. Based on this, there are just 14 countries in which Facebook dating is rolled out.

How to Use Facebook Dating App

On the contrary, to use the Facebook dating app is quite simple. Note that the feature is only accessible to some users depending on whether it’s available in your country. Hence, to use the Facebook dating app, you need to update the Facebook app just as mentioned above.

  • Open the Facebook app after update.
  • Next, click on the Menu icon.
  • Click on See More and select Dating.
  • Next you need to follow the reset instruction to set up your profile.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to worry about whether your family or friends will be able to know that you’ve joined Facebook dating. Instead, it matches you up with your friend’s friends or mutual friends. Plus, you can use other search filters like location age, height, and lots more to find love.