Facebook US Election 2020 – 2020 United States Presidential Election | Facebook US Election Polls

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How can I vote during the 2020 US election on Facebook? One of the ranging questions of the social media platform is based on the part social networking site like Facebook will have on democracy. Without denying the fact, connectivity, self-expression, and also the privilege for users to join the online community stands as one of the priorities of Facebook. As we all know, Facebook has open the floor ground where people are scared to express themselves to use social media to express themselves freely. In terms of politics, Facebook has played an important role in the 2020 US election on political debate, and other ranges of political expression.

Facebook US Election 2020 - 2020 United States Presidential Election | Facebook US Election Polls

Besides Facebook, other social media companies have recently played a major role in the US election 2020. For instance, Facebook just introduces a new voting information center where people outside and inside American can take part in the voting system. However, the Facebook US election 2020 voting center is considering as the largest voter information campaign in the United States. The main objective is to register 4 million voters.

Three Principle of Facebook US Election 2020

On the contrary, there is three principles that govern the concept of Facebook US Election 2020. This includes Independence, Transparency, and also consent. Check out more information on the three principles that govern the Facebook US election.

  • Independence: according to the reports, Facebook won’t offer to pay external researchers and also answer questions to that. Also, Facebook will restrict questions or conclusions made.
  • Transparency: this will give researchers to the opportunity to publish their work with the use of the academic journal via an open access format.
  • Consent: for those that are willing to take part in research should provide explicit and informed consent. Meaning that researchers need to provide legitimate data and also understanding how and why it’s necessary to use their information.

How will Facebook Monitor the Effects of the Research? 

According to a report made on about.fb.com suggest that Facebook and the various research partners are said to monitor the research every single step of the way. However, you can visit the about.fb.com to learn more about the Facebook and Instagram Research Initiative that will monitor the US 2020 presidential election.

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