Are Fidelity Investment worth investing in? How do the Fidelity investments account works? In this article, we will make a brief review of the Fidelity Investments and also how you can get started with the platform. Fidelity Investments is a fascinating financial service that allows you to benefit more while you pay less for the service you acquire. Some of its services offered comes with no annual fees, and also provides you with competitive prices in the field.  First of all Fidelity Investments Inc. is popularly known as Fidelity which is held by a private company providing financial services.

Fidelity Investments - Everything you Need to Know About | Fidelity Investments Review

During the earlier stage, the financial service industry was referred to as Fidelity Management & Research Company (FMR) which apparently is an American multinational financial service located in Boston, Massachusetts US. In the meantime, Fidelity Investments is one of the largest asset managers worldwide with a total asset of $2.6 trillion in which the financial company manages as of March 2018. Also, Fidelity Investments is actually involved in a wide range of financial services & products such as mutual funds, Investment management, brokerage firm, financial planning, wealth management, life insurance, credit card electronic trading platform and more.

Why Invest with Fidelity

One thing you have to think of is the services and product the platform offers which is mention above. But aside from the services and products you get to enjoy, Fidelity Investments contributes largely to members of the service with the following:

  • Planning and advice: ranging from service like wealth management to products like an investment, FMR offers you with financial planning.
  • Straightforward pricing: the platform offers you no account fees plus $0 commission on trades as well. Also, you get to enjoy no minimums fee when you decide to open a Fidelity account.
  • Robust investing tools: lastly one of the reasons why you need to invest or why Fidelity Investment is worth investing is that it provides you with easy-to-use tool of investment and also get access to latest professional insights.

In addition, while joining the community of members of Fidelity Investments, it provided investment advisory such as Digital investing & advice and also Wealth Management that best fit your idea’s taste.

How to Open online Trading Account with Fidelity Investments

On the contrary, there are different kinds of account, we have the Saving for retirement account (Rollover IRA, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA), Investing and trading (Brokerage account, Brokerage, and Cash Management) and others. Therefore, all you need to do is:

  • Click on this link on the web.
  • Scroll down to select the account you want to create by simply clicking the orange icon.

Finally, you will be redirected to the respective account registration page where you can select an option. Fill out the required information need which will then qualify you to open an account with Fidelity Investments and enjoy the various ranges of services.

What is Fidelity Mutual Funds

Another interesting thing about the Fidelity Investments services is the Fidelity Mutual Funds. However, the mutual funds and the mutual fund investing is known as a practical and cost-effective way in which you can create a wide range of portfolio of stocks, bonds, or even short-term investments. Fidelity has been in business for over 70 years and it offers your powerful tools and experiences you need to create an investment strategy that best suit your investment style.

List of Fidelity Mutual Fund Issuers:

  • Fidelity Contrafund
  • Fidelity® Select Software and IT Services Portfolio
  • 500 Index Fund
  • Select Medical Technology and Devices Portfolio
  • Fidelity® OTC Portfolio
  • Fidelity® Equity Income Fund
  • Balanced Fund
  • Fidelity Magellan Fund
  • Blue Chip Growth Fund
  • Fidelity® Total Market Index Fund
  • Fidelity® Select Technology Portfolio

On the contrary, there are some many reason why people choose Fidelity mutual funds. Based on that fact that, it dedicated in other to help businesses and individual reach their financial goals. It offers you’re the best tools to build your investment upon Fidelity rich asset management history.

How can I Access the Customer Service | Fidelity Customer Service?

Fidelity Investment service also provides you with customer services in which you can interact with the Contact Centre where you can make inquiries or report issues. The Interactive Fidelity customer services allow you to speak with the agents or customer service to make enquires. However, you can view the link to view the list of contact info. 

How to Find Fidelity Near Me | Fidelity Investments Near Me

The financial and insurance services are widely spread around the world where you can search for the Fidelity advisors available for you to get help concerning any issue. You can use the Fidelity Investments Branch Locator in which you can use to find an investor center. simply, visit the link and enter your City, ST, or Zipcode to find the nearest or closest Fidelity investor center near you.