How can I get a free Netflix account? Or Perhaps how can I create a Netflix account without subscribing to the plan? Legitimately, there is no way you can create a Netflix account without subscribing or selecting Netflix plans. The only means in which you can create a free Netflix account is by joining the Netflix free trial but still requires you to choose a plan. Moreover, Netflix is one of the tops and best streaming service in the world that has outranked hundreds of streaming services such as HBO, Hulu, etc.

Free Netflix Account 2020/2021 - How to Get Free Netflix Account | Netflix 30 Day Free Trial

Furthermore, the streaming platform is a one-stop source of entertainment that provides you with unlimited access to great tons of award-winning tv-series/movies, historical, documentaries, comedy, action movies and lots more. Initially, the Netflix membership plans comprise of plans such a Netflix premium account, Standard plans and also Netflix Basic plans. Above all, the Netflix 30 days free trial plan allows you to create a free Netflix password and account to stream all movies/tv series that are available in the Netflix library catalog. Below are the method on how to get free Netflix account.

Top 4 Ways Get a Free Netflix Account and Password

On the contrary, Netflix is a subscription streaming service, therefore it requires you to join the paid subscription plans in other to have access to unlimited entertainment in various languages. But there some ways you can use to get or create a free Netflix account to stay connected with the streaming platform. Here are the steps on how to get a free Netflix account

Netflix Free Trial

This is one of the first and best legitimate ways in which you can enjoy movies and tv series on Netflix. However, the services offer members of the platform with a complimentary 30 days free trial that allows you to access all the features that are included in the Netflix Premium plan.

Free Netflix Account and Password

Another reputable method which you can use to get a Netflix free trial for 3 months is with a free Netflix account and password on the internet. There are some related content on the internet that provides you with a Free Netflix account that includes a username or email address and password in why you can try to sign to your Netflix account. Some of the email and password includes access to the Netflix premium account. however, in this article, we will not state any username or email address and password to create a Netflix free trial or Free Netflix account 2020

Sharing of Netflix Account

However, another method you can use to access the free account is when someone shares it with you. Netflix allows members to share their account with family and friends within the plans. Keep in mind, only 2 users you can share your Netflix account with.

Using Netflix Cookies

Another suggested method you can make use of the Netflix free account is by using trusted cookies. All that’s required is you adding your account to the Netflix account cookies on your web browser which apparently logs you on to the premium Netflix account.

Using Virtual Cards

Also, another perfect way you can enjoy the benefits of the Netflix free account is by using virtual cards. This required installing the Netflix app and TMW Wallet on your mobile phone from the Play Store. Apparently, this enables you to create an unlimited virtual debit card for free. In which you can provide your payment method.

Kind in mind, most websites, will provide you some with an account and password you can try to access the unlimited Netflix free plans. Don’t try that as well as the free Netflix account generator because most of the are clearly a scam.

How to Get a Free Trial Netflix Account

In the meantime, the only legitimate way you can create an account and password is with the 30-days free trial. Afterward, you can then try out the following way mentioned above. To start the unlimited process of watching movies and tv series on the Netflix premium account. Here is how to Create Netflix account that comes with a free trial.

To Create a Free Account:

  • Go to with a secure web browser.
  • Click the Free trial icon and select your plans.
  • Create your free Netflix account and password.
  • Enter your payment method and you can choose to use the method mention above.

In summary, that’s how you can create an account and password. To access and enjoy the unlimited benefits of the various subscription plans. Another exciting thing is that you can cancel the free trial before the expire day and you won’t be charged.