How do I sign up for Gmail or what is the procedure to Gmail account sign up? Here you can check out the process of creating a Gmail account. First of all, Gmail is fully referred to as Google Mail which is a Google account where you can create an email account to enjoy various services offers by Google. The Gmail account sign up is an authenticated process where you can register for a secure email account. For every new user willing to join millions of Gmail users, the Google account sign up is the required step.

Gmail Account Sign Up - How to Create a New Gmail Account | Gmail Sign Up

Furthermore, Gmail is one of the biggest email service providers in the world today that offers members a secure and reliable email account. Google offers a free email service where people can create a free email to be able to communicate with people and also for business purposes. In other words, creating a Gmail account is free and provides you instant access to various Google products & services that include Google Drive, Google Hangout, Play Store, and more. However, the Gmail account sign up requires no payment or financial detail to create an account. The requirement for a Google account only includes your personal information.

How to Create a Gmail Account for Free

Fortunately, it’s very easy to create a Gmail account which eventually provides you with your email account that includes your email address and password. Keep in mind, you need an active mobile number for verification of your account. here is the following step to creating a Google account:

  1. Go to on your web browser.
  2. Then, click Create an account at the top right corner of the page.
  3. This will direct you to the Gmail account sign up page.
  4. Create your Google account by filling the following:
  5. First name and Last name.
  6. Username.
  7. Password and re-enter the password again.
  8. Then, click Next.
  9. Select your country code, enter your phone number, and click Next.

Afterward, you need to wait for the confirmation code to be sent to your mobile device. Next, you can enter the code sent to your mobile to complete the stage. Finally, you can set up your email account profile by adding your date of birth, language, and others.

How to Secure your Google Account

After completing the Gmail account sign up, you don’t need to stop in just creating your email account. You need to implement some security protocol to secure your email account. The most secure email service provider is ProtonMail. Aside from that, there are also ways in which you can secure your Gmail account.

  1. Add Account Recovery Options: you need to enter recovery options which include either your phone number or email address to recover your account.
  2. Turn on Two-Step Verification: you need to set up or turn on the two-step verification which helps to protect and prevent hackers from accessing your email account.
  3. Delete Spam or Suspicious Data: one of the methods of accessing your account detail is through spam links. However, you can remove or delete any spam or suspicious links on your account.
  4. Tun on Screen Locks: this is one of the exciting features whereby you can receive and authorize any access to your email account.

In summary, you can also implement secondary secure measures by updating your web browser, operating system, and also your apps. Above all, you need a strong and unique password for your email account.


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