Is Google Drive free or how can I download Drive on my mobile phone or PC? As a matter of fact, many people are aware that Google Drive is actually free cloud storage and sync services. But Gdrive it’s more than just a cloud storage service, it also comprised of the Google suite of online office app that also compares to Microsoft Office. This includes Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Forums and lots more. In the meantime, GDrive is a cloud storage service and also synchronize services owned by Google LLC.  

Google Drive - Google Drive Free Cloud Storage | Google Drive Login

Furthermore, Google Drive is one of the best and safest places you can store all your media files or document. Based on the interface of being file storage and sync services. It allows users to store large files on the Google server and also syn file on different devices as well as share files with friends. One of the interesting aspects of GDrive is that it offers users applications that comes with offline capabilities for operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, and on tablets.  

Overview Features of the Google Drive  

On the contrary, GDrive comes in two plans, which includes the Google Drive Personal and also Google Drive Business. The GDrive personal is the free plan that offers you 15GB cloud storage. For you to store all documents or files and also access your file from any devices. While GDrive Business comes with Drive Enterprise. Also, have access to other Google suites such as Google Docs Sheets and Slides that as well as it works seamlessly with Microsoft Office.  

In addition, the Google office suite provided by the platform allows easy collaborative editing of documents, drawings, forms, spreadsheets and also more. Above all, for the Personal plan, you can storage large movies such as The Avengers endgames, Spiderman Far From Home, Frozen 2, Joker, Toy Story, and also more on Google Drive. For business, it provides you with powerful Drive Enterprise that your business need or team need to work together in the cloud.  

How to Download and Install the Google Drive  

On the contrary, Google Drive is compatible with almost any internet-connected device except Amazon devices. However, you can install the GDrive app on devices such as Windows, macOS computers, Android, iOS and tablets devices. As a matter of fact, this provides the most convenient access to all your files from any device.  

To Download Googe Drive on iOS 

  • Open the iOS app store and search for the application.  
  • Type the name of the app on the search bar.  
  • Then, click Get 

To Download Googe Drive on Android 

  • Use the Google Play Store to download GDrive   
  • Likewise, click on the search bar and type the name of the app.  
  • Click on the GDrive app icon and then, click Install.  

To Download on Windows or macOS 

  • Open the Microsoft Store or App Store.  
  • Locate the search bar at the top of the page and enter Google Drive.  
  • Select the GDrive app and click Get.  

If you’re using another operating system, you can visit the on your web browser. This link will direct you straight to the download link. Where you can click the Google Drive application on your device.  

How to Sign Up or Login on Google Drive

With your Google account, you can access the 15GB cloud storage for free and also access storage on other services such as Gmail and Google Photos. Likewise, free GDrive storage allows you to access Docs, Sheets, and Slides for free.  

To Sign up for GDrive

  • Use your Google or Gmail account to sign up.  
  • Simply open the GDrive app or visit the website.  
  • Enter your Google Account info that includes your email address and password.  
  • Lastly, click Sign in.  

In summary, the process of Google Drive Sign up is actually the same time as logging into your GDrive account. Also, with the application on your mobile or smartphone, you can easily sync files from any drives. In case you want to join the GDrive Business, you can subscribe or update to the business plan on the website.