What is Google G Suite (Google Workspace) used for or is the Google G Suite free? If you care to find out more information concerning the Google G Suite (Google Workspace), you can continue reading this article. First of all, G Suite (Google Workspace) is apparently a suite that comprises services that includes cloud computing, productivity, and also collaboration tools to help you manage important documents, especially for business. Moreover, the G Suite is a software developed by Google Cloud which was first called Googe Apps for your domain on August 28, 2006.

Google G Suite (Google Workspace) - G Suite Pricing & Free Trial | Google G Suite Login

Nevertheless, the Google G Suite (Google Workspace) can be regarded as an all-in-one that comprises of various Google services and products that includes Gmail, Docs, Hangouts, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Calendar, Meet, and more that’s best recommended for your business. Moreover, that’s why Google Workspace regarded as an enterprise-based product and comes in various monthly subscription plans in others to help streamline your business. Google for work provides you with everything you need to work from home or and things required from your business.

How Does Google G Suite (Google Workspace) Work?

On the contrary, the way the Google G Suite work actually depends on the G Suite pricing. But in general Google apps for work make use of four factors that include Connect (allows you to reach out to your colleagues in time), Access (also allows you to store files and back up your document). Create (provides you with tools to bring your project to life) and also Control (which allows you to manage users and assign roles to colleagues).

  • Quick and Faster decision Making: It allows you to make use of the Google shared calendar in other to see people that are available and also enables you to schedule meetings making use of the automatic email invites.
  • Collaborate in real-time: Above all, the platform offers you with collaboration tools such as documents spreadsheets and also slides on various devices with or without the use of an internet connection.
  • Store and share file: Also, you can access a storage cloud known as Google Drive. Where you can actually store all your works in one place with the use of the security feature to keep your document or file safe.

In addition, the platform provides you an extra security feature to help protect your company data with the use of the 2-step verification. Also with the single-sign-on to keep your entire data safe should in case your device gets lost

Type of Google Suite
(Google Workspace) Pricing Plans

On the contrary, G Suite or Google G suite pricing plans comes in different features. For you to select the various G Suite edition that best goes with your business preferences. Hence, you can check the G Suite cost per month and what’s includes the G Suite pricing plan below.

G Suite Basics $6/user/month:

  1. Gmail Business email
  2. Google Calendar Shared calendars
  3. Google Cloud Drive of 30Gm cloud storage
  4. Hangout Chat that comes with secure team messaging
  5. Hangouts Meet
  6. Other services include Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms. Sites, Keep, Currents, and Apps Script.

G Suite Business $12/user/month:

  1. Also includes Gmail business email
  2. Calendar Shared calendars
  3. Cloud Drive of unlimited storage or 1 TB depending on the number of users.
  4. Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet (for up to 120 individuals per call).
  5. Plus, services like Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Keep Currents, App Scripts, and Cloud Search.

G Suite Enterprise $25/user/month:

  1. Gmail Business email
  2. Calendar Shared calendars
  3. Drive that comes as unlimited or 1TB per user if its lesser than 5 users.
  4. Hangout Chat and Hangouts Meet that includes up to 250 participants per call.
  5. Also, with the likes of Keep, Sites, Sheets, Forms, Currents, Cloud Search, App Script, Slides Docs and Sheets.

In summary, the Google apps for business or the G Suite business is the most popular services opt-in by millions of business and users. In all the various G Suite Pricing plans comes with security and management. That you can contact the help support by phone, email or online.

How to Try the G Suite Workspace for Free

On the contrary, the platform also allows you to access features like Gmail business email, video conferences, cloud storage, and lots more business tools for free. This apparently includes the 14-day free trials that come with no software download. Meaning that using the G Suite for free, you can download any of the application or software. Click on this link https://gsuite.google.com/pricing.html to direct you to the G Suite Pricing. Where you can see the various plan and get started with the free G Suite trial.

How to Login to Google G Suite  

After trying out the Google G suite free trail, you eventually become an administrator. Keep in mind, only Google G Suite administrator have the access to the process of Google G Suite login. However, here are the following process to login to Google G Suite:

  1. Go to Google Workplace which is formerly G Suite.
  2. At the top of the page, click the Admin Console.
  3. This will redirect you to the Google G Suite account login page.
  4. Sign in with your Google account.
  5. Enter your email address or phone and click Next.
  6. Enter your password and click Sign in.

Keep in mind, G Suite is currently known as Google Workspace which is built with the same feature of G Suite that includes cloud-native collaboration, productivity apps such as Docs, Gmail, Meet, and more. Also, you can sign in to the Google Workspace as an admin.