The word “Guru” doesn’t actually mean a spiritual teacher or leader that practices a particular religion call Hindu and Buddha in terms of making money online. On the contrary, the Guru we are talking about is actually an online freelancer marketplace where you can actually find millions of freelance jobs. The platform is created for companies and businesses to locate millions of freelancer workers who are willing to work for a particular project and also get a commission on the Job. However, through the indication of the Guru Login can you be able to get available jobs waiting for hire if you already registered for a freelancer account.

Guru Login - 3 Simple Step to Log In to Hire Freelancers and Find Freelance Jobs Online

In the meantime, the freelancer marketplace has built the simplest platform that makes it easy for companies to hire freelancers online from the selected numbers of over 3 million professional freelancer workers. Also, for those freelancer workers, you can access thousands of jobs and projects to work with in other to earn income. However, the Guru Login is an authentication portal where you need to sign in with your registered account to be able to access the various services.

How to Access or Log in to Guru Freelancer Marketplace

On the contrary, the first requirement is that you must be a registered person on the platform with legitimate account credentials. Also, from the login portal, you’re provided with different login portals to access your account. Click on the link to access the login page:

Login in with Facebook account:

  • Hence, click the website link above and select the Facebook icon.
  • Enter your email address or phone number
  • Then your Facebook password and click Log in.

Login in with LinkedIn

  • Click on the LinkedIn icon and this will open a new tab
  • Also, enter your email address or phone number associated with your LinkedIn account.
  • Then your password and click Sign in.

Log in with Google

  • Also, click the Google icon.
  • Enter your Gmail email address.
  • Provide your Password and click Sign in.

However, if you registered through the normal process without using the following platform. Simply, enter your email address or Guru Username. Then, your password using in setting up your account, you can provide that as well and click Log in.

What Happens when you Login to your Guru Freelancer Account?

In case you’re wondering after going through the process of the Guru Login, what happens after that. However, once the following procedure is completed, this allows you to access the various contributed services Guru provides which includes the Internet, Service Marketplace, Workforce Management and also Crowdsourcing.

In addition, you can be the first to receive job posting and also post new jobs. In addition, you can also Get a Quote on different kinds of professional services like Business & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Writing & Translation, Programming & Development and lots more through the Guru Login process.