How do I open a new Gmail account? There have been a lot of questions if someone can create a new Google account using a phone number that is already registered to Google. Previously you can’t create 2 Gmail account using one phone number. But now, you can open a Gmail IDs from one phone number. This includes a personal Gmail account and a business email. Create a new Gmail account by mobile number is very simple, all you need is the right step to Create email account Gmail.

How to Open a New Gmail Account

On the contrary, Gmail is the topmost provider of email service in the world where you can create a free email account. The Google account is the most essential email service that gives you access to interesting platforms that include, YouTube, Google Play Store, Google Music Player, Google AdSense, and lots more. To open a new Gmail account is free and it allows you to create a new email address with a different username. Above all, it allows you to create a Gmail login different users. To create a new Gmail account, you need a mobile phone, to set up a free email account.

How to Open a New Email Account With Gmail on Mobile

Initially, Google email account is one of the best email accounts to select from the like of Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and AOL mail. Gmail is currently the most commonly used email service in the world and you can sign up for a free Gmail account from the mobile app. Here are is how to open a new Gmail account on mobile:

To Create an Account on Mobile

1. Open the Gmail App on your mobile phone.

How to Open a New Gmail Account

2. Then, click the profile icon to Create account.

How to Open a New Gmail Account

3. Select the option, Add another account.

How to Open a New Gmail Account

4. To set up an email account, click Google.

5. Next, click Create Account and select For myself.

6. To Create a Google account, enter your First name and Last name, then, click Next.

7. Enter your personal information that includes your birthday and gender, then click Next.

8. Select a Gmail address or create your email address.

9. Create a strong password and re-enter the password again.

10. Enter your phone number and click Yes, I’m in.

However, you can create a Gmail account without a phone number on the mobile app. Afterward, you need to agree to the privacy and term to successfully open a new Google Gmail account. Besides, the Gmail app, you can use the web to create new mail ID in Gmail.

How to Open New Gmail on Web

To create a Gmail address on the computer, you need to, first of all, create a Google account. However, it’s easy to create a free Gmail email account on the web than on the mobile app. You can create a new email address using a different username. Use the following step to create/open a new Google account for Gmail:

To Create a New Account on Computer:

1.On your computer, go to

2. Next, click the option Create account.

Create your Google account by filling out the necessary information.

How to Open a New Gmail Account

Enter your phone number to receive a verification code from Google.

How to Open a New Gmail Account

Next, enter the verification code you receive and click Next.

Next, enter your recovery email address and personal information.

Afterward, you can agree to the Privacy and Terms to complete your Account.

Welcome to Google

When you’ve successfully created your Google account or open a new Gmail account, by default you will be automatically signed in to your account. At the top right corner of the page, you can click on your profile to add another Google account, to login to a different account. Likewise, the Gmail sign out icon is visible when you click on the profile icon to sign out your email account.