How do I recover Google account? Learn how to recover Gmail account and also to recover the Gmail account password? Google account recovery is a process where you can recover your Gmail account. On the contrary, there so many reasons why the step for account recovery is needed. Probably, you forget your email address or password to your account. The Google account recovery page allows you to recover your email ID that includes your email address which enables you to set up a new account password.

How to Recover Gmail Account - Google Account Recovery

Furthermore, another reason you might want to reset your Google account is when you’re been locked, hacked, suspended or you delete your Gmail account. The process on how to recover Gmail account or Google account cover the area when you delete your Google account or your account was hacked. Keep in mind, if your account was blocked by Google, you can’t recover your Google account. Here are some of the tips in which you can use to recover your Google account or Gmail.

How to Recover Forgotten Gmail Password

On the contrary, there are different sections on how to recover Gmail account or Google account. This includes a forgotten password and forgotten email address. In case you don’t have the email sign in ID to your Google account, you can use the following steps below.

To Recover Google Email:

  1. Go the page Recover your Google Account or Gmail.
  2. Then, click Forgot email.
  3. Enter your phone number or recovery email.
  4. Afterward, you can enter your first name and Last name.
  5. Next, you can foil the on-screen instruction to confirm your email account.
  6. Then, you can view the list of usernames similar to your account.

To Recover Gmail Password:

  1. Likewise, go to the Google Account Recovery.
  2. Enter your email or phone number and click next.
  3. Answer the question like date of birth and others to confirm your email account.
  4. Then you can reset your account password.
  5. However, you will receive a recovery code via SMS.

Keep in mind, you can recover the Gmail account without phone number by using your recovery email address. Likewise, on the Google account recovery page, you can use your recovery phone number instead of the email account to recover your email account.

How to Recover a Deleted Google Account

Recovering a deleted Google account or Gmail account is another concept. However, if you recently deleted your account or you delete your Google account by mistake, You can be able to recover your account back. But if it been long since you delete your Google account, the chances of recovering your account is zero.

Visit the Google account recovery page and use the following instruction above to recover your deleted account. Once you’ve recovered your account, this will immediately authorize access to your Gmail account, Google Play, and other several Google services.