Is Inbox by Gmail still around? Or how can I sign in my Gmail Inbox? For those people that were very engulfed with the part of the email services, Google provided which is called Inbox by Gmail. Still ask the question of whether or not is the Inbox by Gmail working. However, Inbox by Gmail was known to be an email service designed by Google. For checking your inbox and also sending messages as well. After the announcement in the limited invitation-only basis of the email inbox officially release it to people on May 28, 2019.

Furthermore, in other to clear the doubt of users, Inbox by Gmail officially shut down by Google on April 2, 2019, which was last year. Based on the amazing concept the email service displayed. It was accessible on the web and also through mobile devices like Android & iOS devices with the Inbox by Gmail app. The development of the email service was to improve the efficiency of email productivity and also the organization through various key features.

Features of the Inbox by Gmail on Web & App

Notwithstanding, Inbox by Gmail was a fascinating application on the web and also on the mobile phone that scan users incoming Gmail messages. The platform gathers email messages that have the same topic to a special or titles content for organizing bundles. For instance, flight tickets, car rentals and also hotel reservations are organized to a folder called the Travel. This gives users an easy way to overview email messages. Also, aside from the platform helping you to organize your email messages, you can as well manually group email together in other to instruct the organize of your emails.

In addition, the services spotlight some certain key detail and also important information that includes services like flight itineraries, event information, photos, and others as well. However, some of the few popular features on the email service include snoozing email, smart reply, Nudges and also hover actions.

How do I Check my Email Messages With Gmail Inbox

Just like I stated earlier on, the email service has been disconnected from existing on the email server. Hence to check your email messages, you can go through the current email services provider known as Gmail Inbox. That comes with the integration of the Inbox folder where you can check your emails.

  • Open your web browser on any device you choose to connect with.
  • Then, click the link and by default, it will redirect to your Gmail inbox.
  • However, in case you’re not signed in yet, enter your email address and password to your account.

From that angle, you can see all your messages, unlike the old email checker that helps you to organize. Also, scan incoming messages to an organized bundle. On the inbox folder, you have to organize your email to the folder you want to them.

How to Install Gmail App on Mobile Phone

Another platform where you can also forgo the memory of the old email checker is through the Gmail Inbox app. On the contrary, the Gmail app present an instant connection with your email messages anywhere, anytime in world. Through the app on your mobile phone, you can easily organize and manage your email at one spot.

To download the Gmail app:

  • Open Google Play Store for Android or iTunes App Store for iOS.
  • Search using the search box to locate the Gmail app.
  • Click on the search result that displays.
  • Then, click install or Get.

In summary, after installing the application on your device, you can sign in to your account. Or create a new Gmail email account using the portal provided on the mobile app. That’s how you start checking your messages or receive messages.


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