How do I create an Instagram account? Before, getting started or thinking of joining Instagram. The first thing you need to acquire is an Instagram account. With your account, you can be able to discover things that you love, upload pictures, use the Instagram camera filters, connect with friends & families and lots more. However, the Instagram account comprises of the makeup of your email address, phone number, or username and a password after creating your account. Hence, you can find out more angles of the account.

Instagram Account - How to Create New Instagram Account | Login Multiple Instagram Accounts

Most people refer to Instagram as IG or Insta which is known as a photo and video sharing networking platform which is currently owned by Facebook. The platform requires registration of an account which allows you to access and discover more about its service. However, the Instagram account also comprise of your personal detail and also your profile picture & username. It mainly allows you to post photos & videos to the Instagram news feed which people can discover.

How to Create an Instagram New Account and Username

On the contrary, Instagram is accessible on different operating systems which include the iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Plus, users can make use of platforms such as the Instagram app or Instagram web to access their accounts. However, there are more than 1 billion registered Instagram account on the server and you can become one with the following steps.

To Create an Account on PC:

  1. Simply, go to on your web browser.
  2. Then click the Sign Up icon to fill out the registration page.
  3. Enter your email address or mobile number and also your Full Name.
  4. Afterward, you can create your Instagram username.
  5. Next, you can create your account password and click Sign UP.

To Create an Instagram Account via the App:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your device.
  2. Click the Sign Up icon.
  3. Enter your email or phone number.
  4. Also, enter your Full Name.
  5. Then create your username and password.
  6. Lastly, click Sign Up.

To Create an Account via Facebook:

  1. Simply, click Log in with Facebook
  2. Enter your Facebook email address or phone number.
  3. Next, enter your Facebook account password
  4. Lastly, click Log in.

However, if you make use of your email address or phone number to create your Instagram account. In the next stage, there is something you need to do in other for your account not to be blocked. This is by confirming your account with the code sent to your provided contact.

How do I add and switch between multiple Instagram accounts?

Furthermore, for those that have multiple Instagram account, there’s a method in which you can use to login Instagram account at once. In that section, you can only add up to 5 account that gives you quick access to switch about without login out.

To Login Instagram Account of Multiple Accounts:

  1. Click on the link above or open the app and click Log in.
  2. Enter your email address, username or phone number, and password.
  3. Afterward, go to your profile icon and click on the three-dashed line.
  4. Select Settings and scroll down to click Add Account.
  5. Enter your account login details.  

To Switch Back to a Different Account:

  1. Simply, click on your profile.
  2. Click on your username.
  3. Lastly, you can select the account you want to switch.

In summary, when you add different accounts, you can switch back to any account you want to stay connected with without having to log out and log in the account again. Also, don’t forget that you can only manage 5 Instagram accounts.


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