The Instagram business account is a step in growing your business online. However, you can consider the Instagram business account as a Facebook business account. Where you can set up an advertising placement to showcase your business presence online. Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram, the platform introduces features on the Facebook platform to Instagram users. Hence, in this article, you can learn how to set up a business account on Instagram using the tools offered to set you a business account.

Instagram Business Account - How to Set up an Instagram Business Account | Instagram Business Account Sign up

Furthermore, Instagram is one of the biggest social media networking platforms where you can share stories and post content to millions of Instagram users. The introduction of the Instagram business was driven by the concept of Facebook business. Where you can market your business online to millions of Facebook users. Above all, this enables you to drive traffic to your website, increase your business preference online, and lots more. Check out the reason why people especially small businesses make use of the Instagram business account to advertise their products or brands.

Why Use Instagram Business Account

Initially, Instagram is a worldwide social networking service that serves a global community of over 1 billion people from around the world. Majorly, people make use of Instagram to share happy, funny, and sad moments find passion, discover inspiration, and lots more. The use of setting up a business account on Instagram helps businesses to target the right customers and also grow their businesses. By setting up an Instagram business profile, businesses can easily showcase your business online. Also, help to promote your products as well as your services to a large number of audiences that are interested in your services.

The most reason why small businesses tend to create a business account with Instagram is that over 60% say they come to Instagram to discover new products. Plus, there are over 200 million Instagrammers that view at line one business profile a day. Likewise, 80% of uses spent most of their time watching videos and more. In other words, the activities and engagement on the platform make it compatible for large and small businesses.

How to Set up a Business Account on Instagram

In the meantime, setting up an Instagram business account give users the opportunity to increase your sales. Also gives people more information concerning their services, products, or business. However, you can use the Instagram app to set up your Instagram business profile page.

  1. Download and install the Instagram app.
  2. Sign up if you don’t have an account or login to your business account.
  3. Next, access the Settings and click Switch to business account.
  4. Then, add the details required to set up your business account profile.  

Finally, you can start posting connect of your services, brands, or products to your Instagram page. This post will appear on your news feed, and you can make use of relevant hashtags for your content product or services. To easily appear when users search for content similar to your posts.

Tips to Set up a Successful Business Account on Instagram

On the contrary, after setting up your business account on Instagram. It’s important to ensure your business stands out among other businesses. Therefore, you can apply safety tips when posting content on your Instagram business page.

  • Define your Business Personality: in case you haven’t been on Instagram, you need to decide what you want your business to look like on Instagram.
  • Stand our with Good Creative: also you need to post good quality content that includes pictures, videos, and posts to attract audiences.
  • Create Attractive Photos and videos: Just like I mentioned, you need to create quality content on your Instagram page.

Initially, there are other tips you can also apply to make your content stand out. Plus, you can as well use the Instagram advertising platform to also promote your business, brands, product, or services at a very faster rate.