How can I sign in to my Live account? Probably, only a few people will still be using the series of Live emails based on the fact that it’s no longer active on the internet as an email service provider. Outlook Mail is the current email provider that’s owned by Microsoft. There are been lots of series of name change made by Microsoft. This includes the Live Mail, Windows Live Mail, MSN Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, and now Outlook. Currently, the Live sign in is a web portal that allows you to sign in to your Outlook and Hotmail account. Learn how to log into Live email account.

Live Sign in - How to Log into Live Email Account | Microsoft Account Login

Furthermore, the Windows live sign in or the Windows Live Mail sign in no longer an active email service provider where you can access your email to check your recent or unread messages. The new Live email login consists of Outlook and Hotmail. In the meantime, Outlook and Hotmail are the two reputable email service providers owned by Microsoft in which you can make use to communicate with people. Also, the home live login page is redesigned to a better experience where you can log in to your Microsoft account through the official login page

How to Sign in to Microsoft Live Email Account on Web

Microsoft account login page that includes Windows Live Mail, Live Mail, Hotmail Live, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Hotmail, Outlook Live, MSN Live, Hotmail, and other emails are no longer accessible. The only Live login page includes the Outlook Mail and Hotmail, and you can log in on the web using your computer.

To Login to Live Email on Computer:

  • Go to the Live Sign in page with the link.
  • Next, this will direct you to the sign in page.
  • Then, you can sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • Enter your email address or phone or Skype ID and click Next.
  • Enter your email password and click Sign in.

These are the following steps you take when you want to sign in to your Outlook or Hotmail account. Keep in mind, the account live sign in is different from the Xbox live sign in. For the Live signup, you can click “Create one!” to sign up for a new Microsoft email account that includes either Hotmail or Outlook.

How to Sign in to Microsoft Live Mail on Mobile App

First of all, if you make use of the MSN login page to access your Microsoft account, will display the option “Sign in with any Microsoft Account that includes Outlook, Hotmail, MSN, Live. If you’re still using these lines of Microsoft account, you can still sign in, but can’t create a new email account with that domain address.

To Log in to Live Mail on Outlook App:

  • Open the Outlook App on your mobile.
  • Next, click the Sign in icon.
  • Enter your Microsoft email account email address and click next.
  • Then, enter your email account password and click Sign in.

In terms of signing in to Microsoft account like Live Mail, MSN, and others. You need to make use of the Outlook app to sign in to your account. Therefore, you can download the Outlook app from the Apple App Store or the Android Google Play Store to download the Outlook mail app on your device.

Can’t Sign in to my Live Mail Account?

In case you can’t login to your live mail account that includes your Outlook mail or Hotmail account. Simply reset your password from the sign in page to create a new password email account. If you make use of the login portal to log in to your account, you will be directed to