How can I log in to MetLife? Or how can I connect with my MetLife account? In this article, you can find the simple procedures to MetLife login on this page. In the meantime, MetLife login is like every other log in page where you’re required to provide an identification to access your MetLife account. The MetLife login is a secure and convenient access portal that requires you to provide your login details to manage your account online. When you log in to your MetLife account, this enables you to view and update your account information and above all make transfers & payments online.

MetLife Login - Login to MetLife Account Online | MetLife Login Page

Furthermore, MetLife commonly known as Metropolitan Life is one of the biggest life insurance companies in providing the world with insurance, annuities, employee benefits program, and more to over 90 million customers in more than 60 countries. Access to the various services offered by MetLife requires registration where new customers can create an account. The MetLife login is eligible to members that register to become a member of the MetLife service. Logging to your MetLife account allows you to control and manage your account online whereby you can perform all activities with ease.

How to Login to MetLife Online

Aside from viewing and updating your account or making transactions & payments online. Logging into your online account allows you to access the various services that come with being a MetLife member which includes Life Insurance, Total Control Accounts, Annuities, Auto and Home Insurance, Long Term Care, and also Disability. Here is how to login to your MetLife account online.

  1. On your web browser, go to
  2. At the top right corner of the page click Log In.
  3. This will open the MetLife login page for customers.
  4. Enter your Username and Password,
  5. Then click LOG IN.

Just as I mentioned earlier, the MetLife log in page services as the MetLife Identity Services for identification of your account online. Hence providing the right identification enables access to the various MetLife services.

Can’t log in to my MetLife Account

If you’re unable to log in to your account, you don’t need to worry or feel anxious about that. The MetLife login account recovery procedure is a dedicated option for customers that are not able to log in to their account. Simple use the following guideline:

Forgot Username

  1. Go to the
  2. Click Forgot Username.
  3. Enter your email address and confirm the email address again.
  4. Click the checkbox “I’m not a robot”.
  5. Tab Next.

Forgot Password

  1. Go to
  2. Click Forgot Password.
  3. Enter your User ID and confirm the User ID again.
  4. Click on the checkbox I’m not a robot.
  5. Then click Next.

Afterward, you will be provided with a link that will be sent to the email address you provided you can use the link to reset your password or recover your username. All you need to do is follow the instruction after completing the listed one above.


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