How can I login to MSN mail or how can I access the MSN mail login page? In the article, you can learn the simple step on how to access your MSN email account online. In the meantime, MSN mail login is also known as MSN mail login is an authenticated page where you can access your email account. This enables you to access your email account on the web or any other platform.

MSN Mail Login - How to Login to MSN Email Account

MSN owned by Microsoft offers a vast collection of internet services and also apps for your mobile device. Some of it service includes Outlook, Office, Skype, Bing, and even offers breaking news. Usually, MSN had its own email that looks like [email protected] But since Microsoft has a series of name changes, and remain the only emails of MSN.

The method to sign in to MSN includes your email address and password that includes either your Outlook email account or Hotmail email account. The MSN email login allows you to personalize your experience on various MSN services that include Office, Sports, Facebook, Twitter, OneDrive, Microsoft Store, Skype, and more.

What Happen to MSN Mail?

This history of MSN or Microsoft email hasn’t been forgotten. In terms of providing users with a convenient email service, MSN has passed through a lot of names changes on its email. Some of these include MSN Hotmail, MSN Live, Windows Live Mail, Live Mail, and many more.

These emails are no longer available which also includes or The login to MSN Mail which is now known as and is visa Also, for users that want to create a new MSN email account, you’ll be assigned with and

Keep in mind, if you still have a live email account, you can visit to log in to your Outlook, Hotmail, or Live email account.

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How to Login to MSN Email Account

If you’re wondering, how do I log in to my MSN email account, the process is simple. All you need to do is use the right URL to access the MSN mail login page. Follow this instruction to access your MS email account.

  • Go to on the web browser.
  • Select from the dashboard menu.
  • This will open the MSN Hotmail or MSN Outlook login page.
  • Enter your MSN email address and click Next.
  • Enter your Password to your email account.
  • Then, click Login or Sign in.

There are different links to access the login page because of the country you live in. Some of the URL includes,, MSN, MSN and others to access the login page.

Can’t Log into MSN Email Account

The reason why you can’t log into the MSN email account might be as a result of the wrong password or email account. Try signing in again and ensure that you provide the correct or the right password and email address. In case you don’t remember your password.

  • When you access the MSN Mail login page.
  • Enter your Email, phone or Skype and click Next.
  • Select the option Forgot password?
  • Enter an active email address to receive contact from Microsoft.
  • Enter the characters as you see it your screen on the textbox and click Next.

Afterward, you can follow the on-screen instruction to reset your email password. Then, create a new MSN email password and you’ll be automatically logged in to your email account.