Can I share my Netflix account with others or how many people can I share a Netflix account with? Learn more information on Netflix account sharing and also how to share Netflix account with family and friends. Netflix is considered the largest online streaming service where you can watch movies and tv series. Currently, Netflix is one of the biggest sources of entertainment where you can find original Netflix series and movies. There are various ways in which one can enjoy unlimited free access to Netflix movies and tv shows are by sharing an account.

Netflix Account Sharing - How to Share Netflix with Families & Friends

Legitimately, Netflix offers users different ways in which they can enjoy free access to watch Netflix movies and tv shows. This includes the Netflix free trial where consumers can create a free Netflix account for one month. Secondly, Netflix account sharing is where existing Netflix users can share their passwords with friends and family to also enjoy access to movies and tv shows. The Netflix password sharing requires a paid Netflix existing account that subscribes to the various plans of streaming movies & tv series on Netflix. Likewise, the Netflix multiple account sharing depends on the plans your choose.

How Does Netflix Account Sharing Works?

First of all, there are certain questions asked by users on Google and also on Quora whether Netflix sharing is legal. However, according to the various Netflix subscription plans, it’s legal to share your Netflix account with family and friends. This includes you creating multiple profiles that allow people to benefits from your Netflix account plans. Also, Netflix made an announcement of no planning is scrapping our Netflix sharing despite the rumors.

The way Netflix account sharing work is quite simple and easy to go through. However, the number of people you can share your Netflix account with actually depend on your Netflix plans. For instance, The Netflix Premium plan allows 4 screens for $14.99 which means you can create four different Netflix profiles for your friends and family. The main importance of Netflix account sharing is for everyone to enjoy the services with includes individuals and households. This also gives you the privilege to watch movies that are rated above the age of 18+ while you can watch cartoon movies. However, all you need to do is create a Netflix joint account user by creating a Netflix free username and password for your friends or family.

How Many People Can Share a Netflix Account?

On the contrary, there are a certain number of people for which you can create a profile for. Likewise, the number of devices in which you can stream Netflix simultaneously. But you need to understand that, the number of people you create per account doesn’t determine the number of devices to stream Netflix movies & tv series simultaneously. However, this is actually determined by your Netflix subscription plans. For Instance:

  • Netflix Basic Plan: This allows you to stream Netflix on one device.
  • Netflix Standard plan: this allows you to stream Netflix on 2 devices or screens.
  • Also, the Netflix Premium plan: allows you to stream Netflix on 4 screens.

In other word, if you subscribe to the Basic plan, this means you can’t go through the Netflix account sharing process to share your Netflix account with family members and friends.

How to Share Netflix Account With Friends and Family

Make use of the Netflix web or Netflix mobile app to share you Netflix account with friends and family. Here are the following process:

  1. Go to or open the Netflix app.
  2. Tap, log in, to log in to your Netflix account.
  3. Tap on the Plus (+) icon to add a profile.
  4. Create a username profile for the person you want to share your Netflix account with.

Finally, you can then give the person your Netflix username and password. This will enable the person to sign in to Netflix using the username and password to watch Netflix movies and TV shows on another device.