What is the new Facebook update or new Facebook page layout? On the contrary, Fb has introduced a new design for its homepage which gives users a more convenient way to use Facebook. Not long ago, the introduction of the new Facebook.com was announced which brings a better experience on the web. In other words, it’s only accessible through the Fb web on desktop and also worldwide. The newly designed of the Fb layout page provides a faster and easier way to use Fb and also the introduction of Dark Mode. Learn how to switch from Classic Facebook to New Facebook.

New Facebook - How to Switch from Classic Facebook to New Facebook | New Facebook.com Update

As many of us know, Fb is more than 16 years old, and Facebook has seamlessly introduced new features on the mobile app and less on webs. With the expansion of hundreds of languages accessible on the platform. For over the past few years Fb has been introducing new features for the mobile Fb experience. Now Fb has upgraded its homepage, thereby adding exciting features. Here are some of the exciting features you can enjoy on the desktop experience of the New Fb on desktop.

Feature of the New Facebook.com

On the contrary, there are so many exciting features you can experience with the new Facebook.com During our last discussion, we talked about the Facebook Dark Mode rolled out to the new Fb desktop. Here are some:

  • Find Things Faster: this provides you an easy way where you can easily find features like page, groups, and lots more.
  • Dark Mode: this is also another feature where you can lower the brightness of your Fb account directly from the menu icon.
  • Manage Pages, Groups, and Events; the platform offers you the most powerful easy-to-use tools in which you can manage or create pages, events, groups.

Above all, the new Fbcom provides you a simple and easy interface where you can use different features to manage your account with ease. However, to switch from classic Fb to new Fb is very simple.

How to Switch from Classic Facebook to New Fb

On the contrary, to switch from Classic Facebook to New Fb is simple. All you need to do is access the Fb.com on the web browser on your desktop. Then, you can log in if you aren’t logged in yet. Then, click on the drop-down arrow, a list of menus will appear for you to select from. Afterward, you can click Switch to New Fb to be able to experience the new feature and the layout on the desktop.


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