What is Microsoft OneDrive for business? How can I use OneDrive for Business? On the contrary, there are lots of free computing cloud services you can try out. But the fact is that most of the cloud services provide limited storage for files and documents. Also, some don’t come as a well secure cloud storage service. Microsoft OneDrive for business is apparently is the perfect cloud storage service that best fits your business preferences. Initially, the product provides you with features that allow you to access, share, and collaborate with all your files from your device. Learn the simple procedures that allow you to download OneDrive for business on the various supported devices.

OneDrive for Business - Download OneDrive for Business | OneDrive for Business Login

Generally, OneDrive is an intelligent cloud storage app that apparently is part of the Microsoft office 365 services us in connecting you to all your files. The OneDrive for business is far the biggest and best plan for you to opt-in that provides you with a large storage capacity to withstand larger files or documents. The accessibility of the services is so great that you can work with it anywhere in the world and also share them with your business partner or colleagues. Above all, the Microsoft OneDrive for Business provides the best security feature to protect your information on the drive.

What is the Difference Between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business?

On the contrary, there is a huge difference between the OneDrive and OneDrive for business. Briefly, the OneDrive is meant for personal use or for personal storage. The OneDrive offers you just a little amount of storage file, unlike the other OneDrive. However, the business option comes in various plans which allows provides you with unlimited storage to save all your files.

Type of Microsoft OneDrive for Business Plans and Pricing

The product comes with different plan numbers that include OneDrive for Business Plan 1 and also OneDrive for Business plan 2. However, you can compare the various plans and pricing of the services below.

OneDrive for Business Plan 1: ($5.00 user/month, comes with an annual commitment)

Businesses can opt-in for this particular plan if they require the need for cloud storage.

  • Core feature: 1 TB per user
  • It also comes with a file size of up to 15GB.
  • Works well with any operating system or devices such as Android, iOS and Windows.
  • It provides you with an advanced security feature to protect your data.

OneDrive for Business Plan 2: ($10.00 user/month with an annual commitment)

Businesses can go for the plan if they need a file-sharing application and also a OneDrive storage that comes with advanced security as well as compliance capabilities. Also, it comes with the following benefits above. Other includes:

  • Core features unlimited individual cloud storage.
  • Also, the support and development include licenses for commercial use and others.
  • It comes with built-in intelligent search and discovery tools that allow you to find the most relevant files.

Moreover, you can see more features that aligned with various Microsoft business plans. If you wish to buy and download any of the plan mentions above. You can check the last section below on the step to buy and download a plan.

How to Buy and Download Product?

In other to download or purchase the product, you can visit the OneDrive for business download website products.office.com. Then you can click on Product at the top of the page to select OneDrive. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click See plans and pricing. On the plan and pricing page, you can select either plan 1 or plan 2 to purchase and download the product.

In conclusion after purchasing and downloading the Office 365 product. You can go through the OneDrive for business login by providing your Outlook email address and password. In other to start storing your files and document.

How to Login to OneDrive Business

After you must have purchase and download Microsoft OneDrive for business. The Microsoft OneDrive for business login is another option that only existing users have access to in other to login to their account. here are the following process to OneDrive for Business Log in:

  1. Go to the Microsoft OneDrive for Business login page.
  2. Then, enter your email address or phone number.
  3. Next, enter your password and click Sign in.

Always understand that, there is a difference between OneDrive and OneDrive for business. With the tools integrated on the platform, you can access, manage, and protect your business or even your school works.