How can I access the PayPal account creation page? Or how can I sign up for a personal or business PayPal account? When, talking about the biggest and most acceptable online payment system online, the first thing that comes to your mind is PayPal. There is no fact denying, PayPal is a worldwide online payment system that allows you to send money or transfer money, receive many and also use it as a payment method for online stores. In the meantime, the PayPal account sign up is the step you take when creating a PayPal account.

PayPal Account Sign Up - Create a PayPal Account | PayPal Registration

Furthermore, PayPal is the simplest and safest way to make payments to thousands of stores online. Anyone can create a PayPal account to serve as a mode of making payment online and also to transfer money. Currently, PayPal recorded having over 200m active accounts worldwide and you can join the numbers of people through the PayPal sign up. Also, in terms of business purchases, PayPal serves as a connection to buyers and sellers. Where buyers can pay or purchase items with their PayPal account and sellers can receive payment through the same medium.

How to Sign Up for a Personal Account on PayPal | PayPal Personal Account

On the contrary, there are two types of PayPal account sign up or creation and the PayPal personal account is one of the types of accounts you can join. The personal account is for individual purposes where you can use PayPal to pay for items online. Above, it’s free to sign up for a PayPal account and also allows you to shop with no transaction fees.

To Set Up a Personal Account

  1. Simply, visit the PayPal account creation page using the link
  2. Then, click Sign up for Free and it will direct you to the creation page.
  3. Next, select your country, first name, and last name.
  4. Enter, your email address and create your PayPal account, confirm the password.
  5. Then, click Next.

Afterward, on the next stage you can follow the instruction giving to you to set up your Personal account completely. Keep in mind, you can use the same procedure of signing up for PayPal personal account in the countries in which PayPal is acceptable like Australia (Au), Canada (Ca), Singapore (Sg), India (In), Luxembourg (Lu), Malaysia (My), Philippines (Ph), America (US), UK and other countries.

How to Create a Business Account on PayPal | PayPal Business Account

On the contrary, the PayPal business account sign up is best for businesses and entrepreneur that want to make use of PayPal as a mode of transactions and connection between buyer and seller. For the PayPal business account, you get to access buyer and seller protection. Also, you buyer doesn’t need to have a PayPal account and lots more.

To Set up for a Business Account:

  1. Visit the PayPal business account creation page
  2. Then, enter your email address to sign up for a business account.
  3. Next, create your business account password.
  4. Afterward, you need to confirm your email and set up your business name.

In summary, you can set up your account after creating both your business and personal PayPal account. In other to set up your account, you can simply link your bank account or credit card to be able to make transactions online. For instant transaction and easy shopping online, you can install and download the PayPal app on your device.

How to Set Up your PayPal Account

Now that you’ve created or sign up for a personal or business account with PayPal. The next stage is to set up your account so as to be able to pay for items online and also send money to your families or friends. In other to link your bank account or credit card your new PayPal account, you can visit the PayPal Wallet at the top corner of the page. Then, you can select the option to add your bank account or credit card to you newly created PayPal account. Immediately, you confirm the process of linking your bank account or credit card, you can start shopping on millions of online store outlet.


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