How do I change my PayPal password or how can I change my current PayPal account password? Many of us create a very difficult PayPal account password which actually makes it difficult to remember your account password when going through the PayPal account sign in. Thankfully, the electronic payment provider introduces “forgot PayPal password and changed phone number” where you can reset your PayPal account password. The steps to reset and change your forgotten account password on PayPal, in other to help secure your online transaction is stated below.

PayPal Change Password - How to Change PayPal password & Email

Furthermore, PayPal is apparently one of the top-notch electronic means of making payments and using the platform as a business transaction. The platform offers you the best secure mean of protecting your account and bank information from online threats. However, the concept of PayPal change password serves as a security measure to help secure your online PayPal business and personal account. In case you weren’t able to sign in or log in to your PayPal account, after successfully going through the PayPal sign up. Simple use the following instruction given to you below to change or reset your PayPal password.

How to Change my PayPal Password Inside PayPal Account?

On the contrary, there are various means to the concept of changing my PayPal password account. In case you were able to sign in to your account but you feel suspicious about some unrecognize activity. You can then change your password in your account.

  • Simply, login to your PayPal account either on the web or the PayPal app.
  • Then, click on your Profile icon located at the top of the page.
  • In the password section, you can click Change.
  • Again, select the option Password and click Edit.
  • Right from that page, you can create a new PayPal account password.
  • Then, Re-enter your new password.

Furthermore, in case you also want to change your PayPal security question. The following step will help you change that, at the stage where you selected Password you can simply select Security Question. Finally, you can then change your PayPal security questions and click Save after the whole process is completed.

How to Reset Your PayPal Password

This section is subjected to users who don’t remember their PayPal account password. Or forgot the PayPal password to their online payment account. However, the process to reset your PayPal password account is very simple. The guide below provides a simple interface where you can also use the step to change PayPal password on the mobile app.

  1. If you forgot your password to your PayPal account. You can reset it by clicking Forgot Password on the PayPal login page.
  2. Next, you can enter your email address to receive a recovery code on your email account.
  3. Also, ensure that the email address provided is linked to your PayPal account.
  4. Then, you can enter the 6-digit code sent to your email account and then reset your password.

That’s the procedure you can use to change your PayPal account password. However, in creating a strong password, you need to use a special format that you can remember. It’s advisable to change your password every month.