PayPal Credit is another mode of payment offered by PayPal that allows you to purchase items online. However, the PayPal credit card application serves as the way to apply for the credit payment. Moreover, there are certain PayPal credit requirements you need to obtain first before you can apply for the payment card. As we all know, PayPal serves as the top leading payment service which is linked to e-commerce and online banking service. Above all, it comes as the best way to make the most secure payment over the internet.

PayPal Credit - How to Apply for PayPal Credit | PayPal Credit Payment

On the contrary, PayPal credit works with the same similar to other payment methods that include Visa, American Express, and other brands but from a different perspective. Credit payment can be used to make payments online in various online stores. That includes Wal-Mart, home Deports, Best Buy,, and lots more. However, the way the card work is quite simple and you can view some of the informative detail about the PayPal credit below.

How Does the PayPal Credit Works?

In the meantime, the way the PayPal Credit works is quite simple, all you need to do is meant the requirement. Then, you can move to the mode of application where you can apply for credit payment. Once your application for the payment card is meant, then, you can make use of the app to make shopping online.

The traditional way required by PayPal to make purchases on various store outlet is using your PayPal account to complete the transaction. Right now, all users of the Credit payment can make each of their purchases. By logging into your account in other to complete your transaction.

What is the Requirement to Apply for PayPal Credit Payment?

First of all, PayPal credit more like the payment card which links to your account where you can make use of to make purchases online. However, you don’t need the plastic card to make a payment since it’s linked to your PayPal account. Here are some of the requirement for applying for credit:

  • You need to be a resident of the United Kingdom.
  • The age requirement needed is from age 18 and older.
  • You need to have good credibility in your transaction history.
  • Does that are recently been bankrupt can’t apply for Credit.
  • Lastly, requires an employed person, and also your estimated income should be more than £7,500 per year.

Keep in mind, the requirement is also similar to every other country. Where the payment card is acceptable which includes the U.S, Australia, Singapore, and lots more. Above all, you need an account before you can apply for Credit Payment.

How to Apply for PayPal Credit Payment

Just like I mentioned, you need to meet the requirement and also an account to apply for the credit. During the process of applying for the PayPal credit, you can sign in to your account. Simply visit the link on your web browser and click Apply Now. Afterward, you can start the application for the payment card by filling out the requirement to details the need to set up your payment method.

How Long Does it take to Apply and Receive my Credit Payment?

On the contrary, the application for the PayPal Credit takes just a few minutes to complete the application forum. But in terms of getting your card approval, PayPal needs to verify your account and also run through the application before you can be approved of the card. However, it takes just a few seconds from the approval process.