The mode of buying and selling or making online transactions as change. People no longer carry cash up and down, with just the mobile phones people can pay bills, send money, buy items, receive money, transfer fund and lots more. In today’s world, we now run in the world of cashless policy where you no longer need to cash money. PayPal is actually one of the new generations of cashless policy where you can transfer money, paid for electricity bills, purchase items from online stores with just the PayPal Sign Up.  

PayPal Sign Up - Sign Up for a PayPal Account | PayPal App

On the contrary, PayPal is a pubic type of business known as an American company widely used across different countries worldwide as an online payment system where people can easily make online money transfers. Also, the platform serves as an alternative method for eliminating the use of the traditional methods of transactions. Thereby introducing an advanced electronic means of quick & easily online secure transaction. However, the PayPal Sign Up is a registration portal that allows you to create an online transaction account where you can be able to send and receive money, as well as other transaction activities.  

PayPal Personal Account – How to Sign Up for Free Personal Account  

On the contrary, people that want to just make payment online are advised to create a personal account. Moreover, there are over 267 million active users that join the personal account so as to pay online and also on the mobile phone.  

To Create a Personal Account  

  • Simply go to  
  • Enter your Country/Region.  
  • Next, enter your First, Last, and Middle name.  
  • Provide your email address and create a strong password.  
  • Confirm the password you created and click Next.  

Afterward, you can follow the instruction on the next stage to finally set up your account. However, the personal account provides you with security when purchasing items online and other areas you make use of your PayPal account.  

PayPal Business Account – How to Create a Business Account 

PayPal is also involved in business transactions where you can buy and sell items. The business category’s meant for businesses that want to receive payments on products they sell across various PayPal services.  

To Sign up for a Business Account;  

  • Go to  
  • Then click Accept Payments Online.  
  • Next, click Get Started for Free.  
  • Lastly, you can fill out the detail need to set up your business account. 

In summary, some of the benefits that come with the option of selecting a Business Account include PayPal Seller Protection, quick & easy payment, securely accepts credit and Visa Debit card payment without the extraction of monthly fees.  

How to Download the Paypal Mobile App  

Aside from connecting with just the PayPal website to stay connected with all your business or personal transaction. The PayPal app actually provides higher comfortability and easy access to pay bills or make online transactions. With the PayPal mobile app right in your palm or in your pocket, you can engage in transactions anywhere anytime.  

To Download the PayPal App on iOS: 

  • With the iOS app store, search for the PayPal app.  
  • Simply, click the search box and type the name of the app.  
  • Then, click enter and you can click on the app icon.  
  • Lastly, tab on Get or Install.  

To Download the PayPal app on Android: 

  • You can use the Google Play Store to install the app. 
  • Search for the location of the app using the search box.  
  • Click on the result after you have searched for the app.  
  • Then, click the PayPal app and also click on Install.  

In conclusion, you can sign in your PayPal account or you as well use the mobile app to create your new PayPal account. Installing the PayPal mobile app is apparently the best option to send and receive money or pay bills.