When talking about the most secure email service, there are lots of emails to consider. Based on the research and findings, ProtonMail is considered as the most secure email service on the internet. The email service comes with different security measures to protect your information across various platforms linked with your email account. In other words, ProtonMail is a free E2EE system email services design to provides users a secure means of communication. However, the email service is a Switzerland email service provider founder in 2014.

The factor that actually makes it the most secure email service as to do with the integration of client-side encryption that is used to secure a safe means of communication and also protecting your email contents. For that reason, make it the next generation inbox of communicating in a secure way and also works faster. Through encrypted services, your emails are well protected and also through email privacy your information completely invisible.

Advance Feature of the Free Email Service Provider

Basically, all the email service is all about ensuring a platform where users are safe and protected from the online threats from scammers or hackers. For that reason, the application is built for mainly securing all your data. Here are some of the feature:

  • Swiss Privacy: this aspect provides data security and neutrality incorporative with Switzerland and other aspects as well to protect users.
  • E2EE: the platform ensures that all your data are well secured automatically through the implementation of end-to-end encryption (E2EE).
  • Anonymous Email: creating an email account with ProtonMail requires not single personal information from you.
  • Open Source: allows you to freely sign up for an email account without the need to pay for it.

Above all, aside from its strict security measure, the email service provides you an easy-to-use setup. Where you can connect with the email service from anywhere anytime thank to the ProtonMail app on the mobile phone.

Is ProtonMail Free? List of ProtonMail Pricing Plans

On the contrary, the platform is a free email service where you can create a ProtonMail email address or account. However, the free services provide you with ProtonMail encrypted email in other to secure your account. But there are other ProtonMail pricing plans in which you can subscribe to enjoy and access more service. Here’s the pricing plan of the email service provider:

ProtonMail Plus: for $5/month or $48/year:

  • 5 Gb storage capacity.
  • 1 custom domains
  • 5 additional address
  • You can create a short email download.
  • It also comes with IMAP support that included the ProtonMail Bridge.
  • This offers you migration tools and lots more.

ProtonMail Professional: $8/user/month or $75/user/year

  • This offers you unlimited users’ connections.
  • The amount or number you send a day is unlimited
  • Also, the label limit is unlimited as well.
  • It provides you with 5 GB storage.
  • Add 2 more custom domains.
  • It also comes with an autoresponder and lots more.

ProtonMail Visionary:  $30/month or $288/year

  • This plan comes with 5 sub-user limits.
  • The sending limit and label limit are actually unlimited.
  • The custom domain is up to 10 and also additional addresses are more than 40.
  • Also, this plan comes with ProtonVPN and a migration tool.
  • It also offers allows you to customize your email domain and email is supported in IMAP support.

However, this following ProtonMail pricing is actually meant for business-wise. While the free section is meant for a personal email account. Hence, you can check out the ProtonMail sign up process to create your free email account.

How to Join the Free Secure ProtonMail Account

Firstly, ProtonMail is free and secure which makes it convenient as well as suitable for either personal use or business use. However, in other to create a ProtonMail basic account with access to limited features for free, you need to follow steps:

  • Go to www.protonmail.com/signup to access the registration page.
  • Select the option free and click Select Free Plan.
  • Then choose a favorite username and domain name.
  • Enter your password and re-enter the password again.
  • Provide an active email address in which you can use to recover your account.
  • Lastly, click Create Account.

If you already a member of the platform, you can click Already have an account? afterward, enter your email address and password. That’s how you can join the family of the ProtonMail email services. Plus, don’t forget you can get the ProtonMail Mobile App from the Android Play Store or Apple App Store.