How can I log into Microsoft SharePoint 365 or I can’t access the SharePoint Online login page? If you’re looking for solutions on how to login to your SharePoint account. We will be glad to show you the right step on how to login to your Microsoft SharePoint online and also on the mobile app. In the meantime, SharePoint is actually a Microsoft web-based collaborative tool that’s accessible from Microsoft Office 365 plans. It’s actually a document management and storage system where you can organize your important document.

SharePoint Login - Log in to Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online | SharePoint Administrators

On the contrary, the Microsoft SharePoint is widely used by organizations and it has recorded over 190 million users across 200, 00 customer organizations. Apparently, there are different editions of SharePoint that possess different functionality. The series of SharePoint includes the SharePoint Server, SharePoint Standard, SharePoint Enterprise and also the SharePoint Online. However, the Microsoft SharePoint login allows you to access all the edition of the SharePoint on your PC. Keep in mind signing into your SharePoint plans is accessing your Microsoft Office 365 plans.

Steps on How to Login to Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint

The first stage of signing into SharePoint is knowing whether your subscription plan comes with the SharePoint. Probably, you discover that none of the Office 365 you subscribe for comes with the edition of SharePoint, you can’t sign in. But if you subscribe to any of the Office 365 SharePoint such as the SharePoint Student and others, you can use the step

To Login to Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint:

  1. In other to access your SharePoint site, login to the main Office website.
  2. The Office website is on your web browser.
  3. Then, enter your administration account login details.
  4. Next, click Sign In afterward.

Keep in mind, you need to be an administrator or assigned to be an admin for you to be able to login to the SharePoint. Then, you can click on SharePoint which will direct you to the SharePoint online on your Windows or Mac.

How to Install the Microsoft SharePoint App | Microsoft SharePoint Sign In

Yes, SharePoint is also accessible on the mobile application where you can easily focus and build a productive organization right from your mobile phone. However, the Microsoft SharePoint app comes with the same interface. Where you can access or view team sites and also sign in to your SharePoint sites on the mobile phone.

To Sign In Microsoft SharePoint App:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Store, Google Play Store or App Store to download the app.
  2. Search for the application on your respective mobile store app.
  3. Click Install or Get to download the SharePoint app.
  4. Open the SharePoint application after installing and sign in your account.

That’s all, now you can add several accounts and above all, the application works with SharePoint Online and also SharePoint Server of version 2013 and higher. Also, your normal activities can be done from the mobile application with the Windows or Mac.

I can’t Access the SharePoint Online Login Page

First of all, in other to login to the SharePoint in other to access the various services. You need to have an Office 365 subscription that comes with the SharePoint or any other edition of SharePoint. If you’re assigned to the role of an admin by your organization, you can’t access the service. In addition, you can ensure that your login credentials are complete and you can also clear your browser data.