What is the right step on how to post a song on SoundCloud or how can I access the SoundCloud upload page? On the contrary, SoundCloud is one of the best and recommended means of promoting your songs to millions of fans all overworlds. Through the SoundCloud promotion, you can promote your music to the right listeners within and outside your country. However, SoundCloud allows you to post music to its streaming platform to listen from the SoundCloud app. Hence, you can learn more about how to upload music to SoundCloud.

Nevertheless, the SoundCloud upload page actually the page that provides you an extension. Where you can actually promote songs to the music sharing website. As well all known SoundCloud is known as one of the best online audio distribution platforms. Also, a website where you can share your music or songs to millions on listeners. Keep in mind, SoundCloud comes as both a free and also a paid membership, for you to enjoy the platform.

Best Ways to Post Songs to SoundCloud | Uploading Requirements

On the contrary, the best way to post songs to SoundCloud is knowing the SoundCloud Uploading Requirement. This where you get to known the SoundCloud upload limit and also other necessary information need.

Browser and OS compatibility

Using an old browser or computer might encounter some issues during the upload. It requires you to make use of a new computer and also web browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox. To have the best experiences uploading songs to SoundCloud.

SoundCloud Upload Limit

Like I mention SoundCloud Upload comes as a free and paid platform, each of the plans comes with its own post limits. For free users, the upload limit is 180 minutes, for Pro users, 360 minutes and the Pro Unlimited user comes with no upload limit.

Types of File Upload

Initially, you can’t just upload anyhow file, the required file format in a lossless includes WAV, FLAC< AIFF, or ALAC. While for a wide range of lossy formats, you can use OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR, and WMA. Also, the maximum file size is actually 4GB and in case it passes, the upload will be split into two separate files.

How to Upload a Song on Soundcloud

Is SoundCloud free to upload? Yea, SoundCloud allows you to freely post your songs, album or tracks for free. But the SoundCloud upload limit actually depends on what SoundCloud membership plans selected as mentioned above. However, in other to promote either your songs, album, or tracks to streaming service, you need the SoundCloud login

SoundCloud Login

  1. Visit www.soundcloud.com/signin to access the SoundCloud login page.
  2. Then, sign in your SoundCloud account with the respective platform provided.
  3. For instance, sign in with either your Google or Facebook account or your email address.

How to Upload to SoundCloud:

  1. Click the icon “Upload” at the top right corner to access the SoundCloud upload page.
  2. Then, on the Upload page, you can drag and drop the file or click Choose file to upload.
  3. The Upload will start immediately you’ve selected your audio file.

Lastly, you can then add information account the track while the upload still continues. Keep in mind, this allows fans to be able to find your music channel based on the information about the track provided. That’s how to promote songs to SoundCloud. Likewise, you can use the following information to promote your music to SoundCloud from the iPhone and also Android devices with the SoundCloud app.


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