How do I join the free Hulu with Spotify or what step to take to activate Spotify Hulu? On the contrary, American streaming services have different kinds of subscription plans that include Spotify Premium and the free trial. For new freshers, the streaming platform integrated an option where you enjoy a free services plan and also a paid plan that comes with Hulu & SHOWTIME with Spotify. However, the Spotify premium subscription plans come with a free subscription to Hulu’s ad-supported plan. Spotify Hulu is actually available to both new existing users that subscribe to Spotify’s Premium streaming services only to the United States.

Spotify Hulu - Spotify with Hulu | Spotify Premium for Students

On the contrary, the American streaming services offer you with Spotify Premium student plans that come with Hulu’s and also SHOWTIME. Therefore, if you think of getting the free Hulu’s with Spotify, you can start with the Spotify free trial. Whereby, once your free trial ends, you can then enjoy the full premium services that include Hulu ad-supported and also SHOWTIME. However, Spotify Hulu or Spotify with Hulu’s allows you to enjoy thousands of different genres of tv shows and movies in the best quality video resolution.

How can I get Spotify with Hulu or SHOWTIME?

The platform made it clear that to join the services that come with Hulu & SHOWTIME (Premium Students) for the cost of $9.99/month isn’t the price tag. Based on the fact that for you to connect the Spotify with Hulu or SHOWTIME, the requirement for the subscription to the Premium Students is needed. In other words, only members that subscribe to Premium students plan have access to enjoy the respective Spotify Hulu’s deal. Based on the result, following the Netflix’s recent price increase, Hulu has decided to lower the cost of its ad-supported plan to $5.99/month. This news actually gives the Spotify users the advantage to save more while consuming more.

Therefore, you can take advantage of the Spotify deal if you’re a member of the America streaming services. By simply signing up for the Spotify premium student. However, you can learn how to activate to sign up Hulu through Spotify on the next outline.

How to Sign up for Hulu or SHOWTIME with Spotify

On the contrary, before, you can activate the service. You first need to be a member of the Spotify Premium Students. Also, Spotify Hulu’s deal or the Hulu Spotify bundle is only accessible in the U.S. on devices such as Dell, Laptop, iPhone SE.

To sign up for Hulu with Spotify:

  1. Go to the link to access the Spotify page.
  2. Once you have reached the page, select Premium at the top of the page.
  3. Then, to connect with Hulu’s with Spotify. The next thing is to select Students Plan and click the option Get Started.
  4. Afterward, sign in to your Spotify account if you already have one and if not click Sign up for Spotify.
  5. Fill out the registration requirement and enter your Payment option.
  6. After successfully subscribing to the plan, you can click Your service.
  7. Then, you can click on Activate and sign in your Hulu account or create a Hulu account.
  8. Finally, you can grant the service permission to access your Spotify account.

That’s all, I have seen so many people asking this particular question do you get Hulu with Spotify family. The Spotify with Hulu’s and SHOWTIME is only referenced to users on the Spotify Premium Students. Not on any other premium plans.

Additional Related Question

Does Premium Plan include Hulu?

Doesn’t mistake yourself so much, the only Premium plan that comes with Hulu (ad-supported) plan and also SHOWTIME include the Premium Student other. Likewise, the other plans that include Individual and Family don’t’ have Hulu and SHOWTIME.

How can I get Free Hulu with Spotify?

The one option whereby users can join the free Hulu with the streaming service was only through the free trial. But the platform isn’t considered now whether you’re new to the platform or an existing member. The requirement to access the Hulu’s ad-supported plan and SHOWTIME is through the Premium Students that costs for just $4.99/month.


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