Why is Tweetdeck not working or is Tweetdeck down or how can I use Twitter Deck? First of all, Twitter is an American social networking service where people get the latest and trending news from different sources. Likewise, the service allows you to post content and interact with people. Using the popular feature known as “Tweets”. Also, Twitter allows account users that register for a Twitter account to post, like and retweet tweets. But for non-Twitter users can only read them. However, Tweetdeck is actually a social media dashboard developed by Twitter that allows you to manage your Twitter account.

Generally, Twitter Deck or Tweet-deck appears as the Twitter dashboard app or application for the management of not only one account but multiple Twitter accounts. Initially, the dashboard application originally an independent app that, later acquired by Twitter Inc. Later on, integrated into the Twitter interface for users to manage multiple Twitter accounts. Currently, the operating platform of Tweetdeck includes google Chrome, macOS and also the Tweetdeck app on iOS devices. However, the application isn’t available on the Android app version.

Overview Features of the Tweetdeck for Chrome and macOS

First of all, the Tweetdeck Android version was a fascinating one. Where you can access the Twitter Deck app on your android devices before being acquired by Twitter. Currently, Twitter Deck is only compatible with Chrome with the website Tweetdeck.com and also on the Mac app store.

The dashboard app comes with the same interface as the Twitter API which allows you to send & receive tweets and also view account profile. Back then, it was known to be the most popular Twitter application having a 23% market share. The platform operates as a web app, macOS app and also as a Chrome app.

In addition, the homepage of Twitter Deck comprises of series of four customizable columns. That’s set to showcase users’ activities that include your Twitter timeline, Notifications, Messages, Trending and lots more. Also, on the dashboard menu, you can also customize as many columns as you want using the plus (+) icon.

How to Set up the TweetDeck App on Chrome or MacOS

First of all, TweetDeck provides the most comfortable and suitable platform where you can enjoy your Twitter experiences. This allows you to manage and control your account activities all on one easy interface.

To Set up TweetDeck Chrome or Mac

  1. Go to the TweetDeck official site Tweetdeck.twitter.com
  2. Then, use your Twitter account to sign in.
  3. Once you’ve logged in to the platform you can start managing multiple activities.

However, for the application, you can download the application from the iOS app store on your devices. Simply, set up your Twitter account to the application by signing in your account and that’s all. Keep in mind, you can’t download the TweetDeck app on Android phones. But you can also download Twitter Deck to your desktop.

How to Connect Multiple Twitter Account

One of the interesting interfaces of the application is that it allows you to connect multiple Twitter accounts on your TweetDeck. This application is very simple through the use of the following instruction or step:

  1. In the navigation bar, click Account.
  2. Then, select “Link another account you own”.
  3. Next, read through the instruction for linking another account.
  4. Click, “Continue” after reading through.

In summary, this will open a new window where you can sign in another of your Twitter account. With your username or password to your Twitter account. Then, click Authorize to access your Twitter account.