Is twitch free to sign up and how can I create Twitch account? Twitch is popularly known as an American video live streaming service which is owned by Amazon. The primary objective of the platform is to offers members with video gaming live streaming services that include broadcasts of esports competitions, music broadcasts, and other creative content. There are two types of Twitch which include the Twitch Prime and the Twitch tv. In this article, you can find out how to make a Twitch account.

Twitch Sign up - How to Make a Twitch Account | Create Twitch Account

Furthermore, the Twitch account sign up is a registration portal where you can create a twitch account to have access to the streaming platform. Above all, creating an account allows you to access the interactive section of the broadcasting channel and also the community through the Twitch chat. Also, the platform introduces the Twitch app allows you can stay connected with your favorite broadcasters to receive notifications whenever there is a live stream.

Twitch TV Sign Up- How to Create a Twitch Account on Desktop

Just like I mentioned earlier, the Twitch tv sign up is where you can create account to stream games such as Minecraft, League of Legends, FIFA 20, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Esports, Music, IGDB and lots more. Above all, you can subscribe to your favorite Twitch channels to receive current updates from broadcasts. To sign up for an account, you can use your desktop or PC which the following steps:

To Create a Twitch Account:

  • Go to page to create an account with Twitch.
  • Start by creating a friendly username for your Twitch account.
  • Create your account password and confirm the password again.
  • Select your Date of Birth and enter an account email address to receive a code.

However, you must comply with the Terms of Services, Privacy Policy, and also the Community Guideline when creating your username. Afterward, you can verify your account through the 6-digit code sent to your email address to activate your Twitch account.

Twitch Prime Sign Up – How to Create a Twitch Prime Account

On the contrary, the Twitch Tv is different from the Twitch Prime, likewise the sign up process. Twitch Prime Streamlabs is designed for lovers of games. Where you can set up a gaming channel to create a live video gaming. In other words, if you want to join the thousands of gamers on Twitch. The Twitch Prime sign up is the registration option to go for.

To Sign up for Twitch Prime:

  • Go to
  • Then, click the option Try Prime.
  • Next, click Continue to see if you’re eligible for the platform.
  • Then, you can sign in to your Prime Video account or create a new Amazon account.

Besides, the Twitch is available for free to all Amazon prime video members and you don’t need to create a Prime account if you’re already a prime member. Above all, this will give you access to Twitch Prime benefits that include free access to games, level up weapons, characters, skins, upgrades, live, and lots more. For new members, you can get started with a free 7-day trial and after the trial costs just $5.99 per month.

Can’t Create a Twitch Account

On the contrary, probably, you experience a problem during the sign up for Twitch prime with Amazon prime member account. All you need to do is recover your password through the reset password option.  However, if the issue comes from the Twitch tv sign up, you can simply provide another email address or phone number to access the sign up code.

Besides, the Twitch app gives you a simple interface where you can easily sign up for an account without any problem. The app provides users with quick and easy access to stream Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, MMO RPG, FPS games for PS4, and more. Another interesting similarity of Twitch is Nightbot.