What does VOYA stand for? On the contrary, Voya has so many histories that are yet to be unfolded and based on our research about the financial institution. Voya Financial, Inc. which was launched in April and in September it rebranded its platform. The derivative of the name Voya was coined out from the word “voyage” which reflects a meaning to the company momentum and optimism. However, Voya is a financial service that constituent the following service such as retirement, investment, financial and an insurance company located in New York.

VOYA - VOYA  Investments Financial Insurance | VOYA Login

In the meantime, the Voya is actually an American financial and insurance company which is designed to help people provide planning solution, invest and also help to protect your account balance. Plus, the company also gives you solutions to retirement and gives you in-depth to build a reliable future for your family. Voya operating as a subsidiary of ING Group which allows you to create investment goals of different kinds such as college savings, retirement, and others.

Type of Voya Financial and Insurance Services

On the contrary, there are different type of service Voya provide to users. Everyone is entitled to enjoy the benefits of the platform based on the description above. Here are some of the services you will encounter while joining the platform:

  • Planning & Advice: this offers you the following service such as retirement planning by age, saving retirement, nearing retirement and more.
  • Products: Under this section, you get to access services such as IRA, Mutual Funds, Workplace, Retirement Plans, and College Savings Plans.
  • Tools: under the service you provide you with services which include retirement calculators, compare me, life insurance needs calculator and more.

In addition, visit the website www.voya.com and at the top of the page, you can check out the list of services mentioned above. However, you need to create an account with the platform in other to enjoy all the benefits offered.

How to Login or Create an Account

The procedures in creating an account are very simple, use the link above at the top of the page. This will redirect you to the main homepage of Voya. In other to log in to your account, simply click the icon “Login To Your Account”. Afterward, you can enter your Username, Password on the textbox and then log in.

However, if you don’t have an account you can simply select your account you want to create. Afterward, you can click Register Now and fill out the requirement need to create an account.