What is Webull?

Webull also known as Webull financial is a Chinese electronic trading platform that offers you trading services that include cryptocurrencies, margins, exchange-traded funds, and more. You can also say it is an online discount brokerage that offers commission-free trading to users. You can access the trading platform on mobile app and also via the desktop computer.

Webull - Investing in Stocks, Trading, Online Broker | Webull App

Some of the key feature offered by Webull includes free real-time market quotes, full extended hours trading, and also 24/7 online customer support. The company is owned by Fumi Technology, which is a Chinese holding company it one of the newest trading platforms online. The platform was first launched in 2017, the mobile app was introduced in May 2018 for more convenient trading.

Webull serves as one of the smartest tools for trading and investing that offers you no commission and no deposit minimums when investing. You can find the right tools for trading which include enjoying the privilege of trading with the company. Using Webull Financial allows you to access tools in which you can use to invest in stocks, ETFs, and options. You can also trade in cryptocurrency on the mobile app.


The Market is one of the features on the platform where you can get the latest updates on the market. You can watch the rising and falling of the market like SPY, DIA, and more. You can get a full market overview, top gainers, and top losers. On crypto, you can find out which coin is making profits or have a huge percentage increase.


The most important feature is Trade, under the feature, you trade online with Webull. You can use the graph to check your trade. If you’re an expert in trading, you’ll be able to use the platform to trade, and if not, you can learn.


With the Webull app for desktop and mobile phones, you can easily start trading with no commissions. Instantly, you can access trade directly on your mobile phone through the app. Moreover, the Webull app is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Webull App

The Webull app is the most convenient place to trade online. Right from the mobile app, you can easily access trading and investment tools where you can invest in cryptocurrency. Currently, SHIB is now tradable on the app.

On the app, you get to enjoy zero commissions on everything that includes trade stocks, EFT, and options, per contract fee, and more. Using the Webull Crypto allows you to trade with cryptocurrency where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies and more.

The app is compatible with any internet-connected device that includes Android, iOS, and Browser View. Plus, the Webull Desktop is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Visit the respective app stores to download the app. Also, you can visit the Webull download page to download the desktop version on your device.

How to Sign up for Webull

To get started with Webull is simple, you can visit the registration page where you can get started with the platform. However, the sign up is simple, and you can use either email or phone number to sign up for the platform. Here is the following instruction:

  1. Go to www.webull.com on the web.
  2. Click Sign up at the top corner of the page.
  3. Enter your email addresss, password, verification code sent to your email to register with email.
  4. Click on Mobile Sign up to create a Webull account with your phone number.
  5. Simple, enter your phone number, password and verification code.
  6. Finally, click Sign Up.

If you already have an account, you can simply click on the Webull login icon and enter your Webull account to start trading with the platform online either on the mobile app, website or desktop app.