How can you set up a Yahoo business mail or open a Yahoo small business email? Keep in mind, the Bizmail and  Yahoo Small business email all fall under the Yahoo business mail. On the contrary, there are two types of email account people do subscribe to or create. This includes the personal email and also the business email which is best suitable for businesses. The Yahoo business email is actually set aside for businesses looking for high-quality or standard emails. Learn how to create a business email account with Yahoo Small Business.

Yahoo Business Mail - Create a Yahoo Business Email Account| Yahoo Business Mail Login

Furthermore, the Yahoo business mail showcases the world or businesses what it means to create a business email with Yahoo. This provides you with a professional email address where you can set up a creative business presence for your customers to be able to recognize you and also connect with you. Initially, most small businesses make use of personal email for business-wise based on the fact that it’s free or the cost of hosting an email is high. But setting up a professional email address with Yahoo! Small Business allows you to customize your brands and allows customers and partners to get familiar with your business at a cheaper expense.

List of Yahoo Business Email Pricing or Cost Plan to Choose

Another interesting aspect of Yahoo business mail is that it provides you an affordable service and it’s very simple to use. The lowest cost is $1.19/month which comes with the most efficient way to build a trusted communication with your customers.

  1. Just for you: this includes 1 mailbox for as low as $3.19 per month with taxes, fees, and others.
  2. For your team: offers you 5 mailboxes for as low as $1.59 per mailbox, and per month.
  3. Best for businesses: comes with 10 mailboxes for as low as $1.19 per mailbox, per month.

In addition, we also have the 20+ mailboxes, but in others to select this plan, you need to contact the Bulk discount which is best for larger businesses. However, you can select the best plan that actually fits your business or preferences. However, these are the various Yahoo email hosting prices best fit for your business presence.

How to Create a Yahoo Business Email

On the contrary, Yahoo! provides the safest and the most secure business emails in other to protect you and your customers from the eye of the internet. Above all, Yahoo business mail also comes with a free storage space of 1TB of storage for free.

To Set up a New Business Email

  1. Visit the page,, and scroll down to select a plan.
  2. Then, click Choose a plan to select a business mail plan that best suits your business.
  3. This will open the Yahoo Small business page checkout.
  4. Choose a preferable domain for your business email.
  5. You can select more domain names to protect your brand and click Add to Cart.
  6. Then, click Continue to sign up for your business email.
  7. Fill out the information First name and Last name, Email address, Password.
  8. Click the checkbox and click Sign Up.

Lastly, you can proceed to checkout where you can select your billing methods either with a credit card or checkout using your PayPal account. However, if you already have a coupon, you can also use that as your payment method.

How to Sign in to Yahoo Business Mail

On the contrary, if you already have a Yahoo small business email account, use the Yahoo business mail sign in to access your emails. Without much deliberation of the steps, simply visit the sign in page which is the Yahoo small biz email to sign in to your business email.