How can I set up or create a new Yahoo Mail email account or perhaps is the Yahoo email still available? On the contrary, the Yahoo email hasn’t been anywhere. But live on the internet waiting or users to register or sign up for an email yahoo account. One of the top 5 best email service provider in world Yahoo Mail rank as number 4. But when it comes to the largest email service provider, it the third-largest email service provider with 225 million users. However, the top of the chart is Google Mail (Gmail) and Outlook Mail. How to create Yahoo account actually create a Yahoo mail login.

Furthermore, the free Yahoo Mail or Yahoo email, actually an email services provider that owned by one of the biggest names in American Yahoo!, but right now it’s a subsidiary of Verizon. As a matter of fact, the email sign up is the process of creating a Yahoo mail account and based on this it offers you four different email plans. The three plans are meant for personal use and that includes Basic, Plus, and also Ad-Free and the fourth one so for businesses. However, to join the email service, the Yahoo email registration or sign up is required to access and manage your mailboxes. Keep in mind, the email provider can also be short formed as Ymail.

List of Supporting Platform of the YMail

In the meantime, Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular email services on the internet. That offers you “Yahoo ID” in which you can use to send and receive emails on your account. With various platforms such as the mobile phone, computer and iOS device

Yahoo Mail on Windows

This is one of the platforms in which you can access your email account or even create a new Yahoo email account from Windows. However, Yahoo!, make use of the Windows operating system. For account owners to connect with their mailboxes through the use of the official website.

Yahoo Mail on Android and iOS

Yahoo!, provided users with the Yahoo Mail mobile app where users can constantly access and manage emails anytime around the world. As a matter of fact, the YMail app on the android and iOS devices is more convenient than using the email provider on Windows. However, the YMail mobile app is accessible from the Google Play Store on Android phones and the App Store on iOS devices.

How to Create a Yahoo Mail Email Account

In other to get started with email providers, the set up email account is required through the Yahoo email registration or email sign up. However, you can choose to use any of the supported platforms. To create a Yahoo mail account or Ymail email account.

To Create a Ymail Account:

  1. Go to the Yahoo Mail official site on your web browser.
  2. Then, you can set up your email ID which will be used to sign in your email account.
  3. Once you access the page you can click Create an Account.
  4. To sign up or create a Yahoo email address, provide the following requirement:
  5. First name and Last name.
  6. Customize your email address and create your email password.
  7. Enter your mobile number and select your date, month and year of birth.
  8. Lastly, select your Gender and click Continue.

In summary, you will need to verify your Yahoo email account through the code that was sent to your mobile phone. Once you complete the procedure, you’ll be welcome to Yahoo. Then, you can access breaking local or global news, Yahoo Sports, Music and other services of Yahoo.

How to Sign in My Yahoo Mail Account

On the contrary, if you already have a Ymail email account, the Yahoo mail login or sign in enables you to check your messages or email you haven’t read. Also, it helps you login to other Yahoo services such as Yahoo Sports, Yahoo News, and more.

To Sign in to your Yahoo Email Account:

  1. Use the link provided above to sign in your Yahoo account.
  2. Enter your Yahoo email address and click Next.
  3. Then, enter your account password and click Sign in.

In summary, the most convenient way to connect with what matters to you is through the email app. After you download and install the Yahoo Mail app on your device. You can create an email account or sign in your email account using the same process above.

How to Install the Yahoo Mail App on Android and iOS Device

Based on the list of supported devices of the Yahoo mail, you can find out that you can use the platform on your mobile phone. However, the Yahoo! Mail app provides an easy step to Yahoo Mail login or sign in where you can control and manage your emails from your phone.

To Install the Yahoo Mail App:

  1. The Google Play Store and the App Store is the right place to download the app.
  2. Therefore, visit the respective app store pre-installed on your device.
  3. Search for the email app by using the name of the app.
  4. Click on the Yahoo email logo that appears on the search result.
  5. Finally, click Install or Get.

Keep in mind, the following steps general the process where you can download the email app for the list of supported devices by Yahoo. after, you have succeeded in installing the app, you can sign in to your Yahoo email account if you already have a Yahoo email account. if new user, click Create yahoo account and you can follow the step above to create your email account with Yahoo.