What is Yahoo Small Business and how can I get started Yahoo small business? On the contrary, the Small Business services provided by Yahoo is committed to all small businesses to engage in the concept of online businesses. Currently, larger businesses are now taking advantage of an online business presence. Where they can connect with their customers and other relative business partners across the world online. The Yahoo Small Business presents a visionary where small businesses where you can run your businesses successfully online.

Yahoo Small Business - How to Setup Yahoo Small Business | Yahoo Small Business Login

Furthermore, the Yahoo Small Business helps build a concept whereby small business owners can turn their creative idea into reality through the four major concepts of the following (Visionary, Moonlighter, Startup, and CEO). As a matter of fact, the platform offers you can wide range of services in which you can use to create creative business-minded brands for people to be able to engage in your business from any part of the word. Learn more about the business services offered by the email service.

What does Yahoo Small Business Offers?

In the meantime, Yahoo Small Business is developed by the best email provider for the purpose of empowering businesses to create an idea online and also put their idea into active use. This actually ranges from creating a website to the concept of promoting your brands across thousands of customers.

List of Tools for Small Businesses

  • Websites: the platform offers easy-to-use building tools in which you can use to create a website of your own. Also, it offers you over 150 items to select from, and customize pages and publish your product within a few minutes.
  • Ecommerce: it also provides you with an online store center that is integrated with shipping, inventory management, credit card processing and lots more to help improve your business growth.
  • Domains: it comes with a wide selection of domain extensions and the tools to help stand out among other competitive business platforms.
  • Web Hosting: Yahoo helps to host your website for on their every own server which also comes with various building tools.  

Another tool included in the Small Business includes Local works, Business Maker, WordPress hosting, Website Design, and above all business Mail. Yes, the platform offers your Yahoo Business Mail in which you can increase your credibility based on your domain name.

How to Get Started with Yahoo Small Business

First of all, Yahoo provides you with an affordable price to star with various business tools. But creating a Small business account is free and with no stress. Just follow the series of instruction below to get you started with the platform.

To Create a Small Business Account:

  • Go to https://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/.
  • Then, click the icon “Login” at the top right corner of the page.
  • Next, switch to Sign Up to create a business account.
  • Enter your email address and re-enter it again.
  • Create your Small Business account password and click on the option “I’m not a robot”.
  • Agree to the term and condition and finally, click Create Account.

To Login to Yahoo Small Business

  • If you already have a Small business account, click Login.
  • Next, enter your email address and password.
  • Click the option “I’m not a robot” and click Login.

Now you’ve created and signed in to the platform, then this will give you the ability to opt for other services offers by Yahoo. One of the most widely used tools is Small Business Mail. In the site, you can check out how to set up a Yahoo Small Business Mail.

What Does the Verizon mean for Small Business on Yahoo?

On the contrary, Verizon made it clear that they will acquire Yahoo’s operating business. The deal was closed on Q1 2017 and everything things still remain the same as it was. The commitment of the Yahoo Small business team still remains the same in providing entrepreneurs and small businesses with the support they need to endeavor online.